FEATURED ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Trey 'Bear' Wood, Greencastle

Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Trey Wood keeps a Southmont pass rusher from getting to his quarterback on Friday.
Banner Graphic/JOEY BENNETT

Trey Wood is a senior at Greencastle and participates in baseball, basketball and football.


Banner Graphic: How important are sports to you, and what have you learned from them?

Trey Wood: “Sports are definitely something that gets my mind off stuff, and is a gateway to just have fun. As an athlete, it helps you to establish better friendships with other athletes. We take a lot of those friendships with us, even as far back as youth league. Sports have taught me a lot of leadership skills, and how to be a better player and a better person.”

BG: Is it hard to be a three-sport athlete?

TW: “It’s definitely hard to balance my schedule, but the coaches all work together and help balance the schedule out. I like all three sports, but I think I like baseball the best.”

BG: What are your plans for after high school?

TW: “I’m not sure right now, but I’m looking at a couple of schools. I will go to college somewhere and major in elementary education, with a special education concentration. If I do continue to play football in college, I will go to Taylor University [which offered him earlier this summer].”

BG: How did you decide on elementary education as a career?

TW: “I’ve always had a knack for kids, and I love working with kids. I worked at the YMCA two summers ago, and it definitely helped me to determine that I wanted to work with kids.”

BG: How did you get to be called “Bear”?

TW: “I have two brothers, Tanner and Trever, and I’m the third — so I’m ‘Trey’. Their names both have two syllables, and my aunt named me ‘Trey Bear’ as soon as I got home from the hospital. I am kind of a big teddy bear, also; I’m not one to be mean.”

BG: What do you do at school besides athletics?

TW: “I’m in the National Honor Society, and I’m the president of the school’s Key Club. I love to help around the school, and I’m a teacher’s assistant in our special education department with Mr. Wilson.”

BG: What is your favorite school subject?

TW: “Probably history. I’ve always loved learning new things.”

BG: Do you have a favorite teacher?

TW: “Mr. Hankee, my math teacher. He has taught me that, even in the worst situations, to bring a jolly, happy attitude to school every day.”

BG: Do you have time for any non-school activities?

TW: “I was in a group called CYCLE (County-wide Youth Council for Leadership and Engagement). It was a group involving all four county schools, and went out and did service work throughout the county to make things better and bring things better. I’m active in my church and go every Sunday. That’s something that I love.”

BG: What is something you’ve never done before that you would like to do someday?

TW: “I would love to go to Africa. I’ve always wanted to go on a mission trip there, and once I become a teacher I definitely want to go on a trip as a teacher. There are programs where teachers can take a year off and go teach overseas. I’ve always loved spreading the word of God and helping kids. That would be a great experience.”

BG: What are your favorite and least favorite foods?

TW: “Shrimp is my favorite; ‘Bubba Gump’ said it, that you can eat shrimp a lot of ways. My least favorite, although my mom isn’t going to like this, is her chipped beef gravy. I don’t like white gravy.”

BG: Describe your experience at Greencastle High School.

TW: “It’s gone really fast. As a whole, all four years have been a blast. I love school. Seeing everyone every day is a blast. I’ve been engaged and active in school and that has helped a lot. School pride and spirit that I love to give out every day is something I learned from the upperclassmen as a freshman. I have learned a lot from being here. I’m definitely going to miss it.”

BG: You also support many other school activities wearing the largest pair of purple and white striped overalls in the world. Where did you get those?

TW: “I got them on gamebibs.com. They couldn’t find a size tall enough [he’s 6-foot-8], so they had to find a size wide enough so they could be this tall. I had to get a size 3X so they would be tall enough. They had to sew a couple of them together.”

BG: Do you see yourself living around here after college?

TW: “If I did go anywhere outside of Greencastle, I would love to go live somewhere in the woods. I wouldn’t mind a mountainous area. I just love nature. A friend of mine lives on a creek, so we camp out at their creek all the time.”

BG: Do you have any goals set for this year?

TW: “For football, we have gotten one step farther in the sectional every year.... if it keeps going that way, we may get there. It’s definitely a goal of mine to win a sectional; I haven’t won one yet. In basketball last year [also sectional runnerup], it was kind of a surprise. We won the county in baseball last year, and I really hope we can win the sectional in it this year.”

BG: Do you have any random skills that people may not know about?

TW: “I can wiggle my ears, nose and my eyebrows at the same time. I was bored in class one day, and I said I could move each of them individually — so I tried to see if I could do all three at the same time, and I could.”