GAME DAY PREVIEWS: High school football Week 9, WIC standings, Putnam County stat leaders

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Cloverdale (2-6, 2-3) at North Putnam (5-3, 2-3)

The coaches: Tom Winders is in his second year at Cloverdale. Sam Carnes is in his second year at North Putnam.

On the airwaves: WREB-FM 94.3 will air the game.

So far: Cloverdale lost 6-0 to South Putnam, 28-18 to Greencastle, 45-6 to Edgewood, 14-8 to Cascade and 49-14 to North Putnam, beat Brown County 26-8 and Owen Valley 56-7 and lost 41-0 to Indian Creek. North Putnam beat North Montgomery 28-12, Southmont 48-42 and South Putnam 20-2, lost 48-21 to Sullivan, beat Cloverdale 49-14, lost 41-21 to Northview, beat West Vigo 26-20 and lost 19-7 to Greencastle.

Per-game scoring averages: Offense — Clovers 16.0, North 27.5. Defense — Clovers 24.8, North 24.8.

Opponents’ records: Cloverdale 31-33, North 34-30.

History: North Putnam won 49-14 in September and has won 30 of the last 40 meetings.

WIC impact: The winner claims seventh place in the final league standings.

John Harrell prediction: North 42, Cloverdale 10.

Edgewood (6-2, 4-1) at Greencastle (7-1, 4-1)

The coaches: Brian Rosenburgh is in his second year at Edgewood. Mike Meyer is in his ninth year at Greencastle.

On the airwaves: WGRE-FM 91.5 will air the game.

Special events: Greencastle will honor its senior players before the game, and the 1973 undefeated football team and state finalist volleyball teams at halftime.

So far: Edgewood beat Mitchell 26-7, lost 42-14 to Northview, beat Cloverdale 45-6, Owen Valley 66-6 and South Putnam 40-16, lost 30-15 to Indian Creek and beat Brown County 54-12 and Cascade 34-7. Greencastle beat Crawfordsville 9-0, Cloverdale 28-18, West Vigo 23-12, South Putnam 12-0, Cascade 49-26 and Sullivan 29-28, lost 42-9 to Northview and beat North Putnam 19-7.

Per-game scoring averages: Offense — Edgewood 36.8, Greencastle 22.3. Defense — Edgewood 15.8, Greencastle 16.6.

Opponents’ records: Edgewood 27-37, Greencastle 29-35.

History: Greencastle won 42-0 in the sectional last year, and has won 16 of the last 30 meetings.

WIC impact: The winner finishes in third place in the conference standings.

John Harrell prediction: Edgewood 28, Greencastle 21

Owen Valley (0-8, 0-5) at South Putnam (2-6, 0-5)

The coaches: Duane Potts is in his 17th year at Owen Valley. Nathan Aker is in his fifth year at South Putnam.

So far: Owen Valley has lost 44-11 to Vincennes Lincoln, 57-14 to South Putnam, 59-8 to Indian Creek, 66-6 to Edgewood, 70-0 to Northview, 61-0 to Cascade, 56-7 to Cloverdale and 62-18 to Brown County. South Putnam beat Cloverdale 6-0 and Owen Valley 57-14 and lost 20-2 to North Putnam, 12-0 to Greencastle, 40-16 to Edgewood, 44-8 to West Vigo, 47-14 to Sullivan and 63-8 to Northview.

Per-game scoring averages: Offense — OV 8.0, South 13.9. Defense — OV 59.4, South 30.0.

Opponents’ records: Owen Valley 35-29, South Putnam 36-28.

History: South Putnam won 57-14 in August. Owen Valley has won 15 of the last 29 meetings between the teams.

WIC impact: The winner finishes 11th in the conference standings.

John Harrell prediction: South Putnam 52, Owen Valley 10.

WIC standings

East Division

Indian Creek5-05-3
Brown County1-42-6
Owen Valley0-40-8

West Division

North Putnam2-35-3
West Vigo1-42-6
South Putnam0-52-6

Putnam County stat leaders

PASSING (ranked by total yards)

Evan Davies (N. Putnam)6513771,07110
Brayden Baxter (Gcastle)407845605
Parker Watts (Cloverdale)3510474374
Riley Stone (South Putnam)398783164
Devin Cashion (S. Putnam) 214422632

RUSHING (ranked by total yards)__

Damon Moody (Greencastle)2111,348108
Chris Murray (North Putnam)10570373
Evan Davies (North Putnam)6749671
Jake Smith (Cloverdale)5641722
Dalton Scott (South Putnam)11640130
Gavin Bollman (Greencastle)6037741
Jake Wilkes (Cloverdale)3937541
Logan Abner (Cloverdale)9936931
Aidan Baker (North Putnam)7332950
Connor Cain (South Putnam)3325401

RECEIVING (ranked by total yards)

Colton Clifford (North Putnam)13289359
Kevin Barger (North Putnam)12272287
James Johnson (Cloverdale)8233472
Gavin Bollman (Greencastle)10232272
Alex Costin (Greencastle)16223232
Kain Gregory (South Putnam)12220256
Lucius Alexander (North Putnam)18216325

TACKLES (ranked by combined solo/assisted)

Gavin Bollman (Greencastle)562177
Caydhan Stevens (Cloverdale)294776
Dalton Scott (South Putnam)373673
Logan Abner (Cloverdale)303666
Damon Moody (Greencastle)422264
Trever Wood (Greencastle)451459
Skyler Warren (North Putnam)291847
Luke Sanford (North Putnam)291746
Devin Cashion (South Putnam)143044
Demetrius Leo (South Putnam)162642


Damon Moody (Greencastle)11.0
Jake Wilkes (Cloverdale)7.0
Gavin Bollman (Greencastle)7.0
Nick Sabin (Greencastle)3.0
Trever Wood (Greencastle)3.0
Luke Sanford (North Putnam)3.0
Blake Boyer (North Putnam)3.0


Jake Wilkes (Cloverdale)4
Hayden Switzer (South Putnam)2
Tray Dickison (Cloverdale)2
Dakota Campbell (Greencastle)2
Damon Moody (Greencastle)2
Gavin Bollman (Greencastle)2
Brandon West (Greencastle)2
Dylan Arnold (North Putnam)2


Alex Costin (Greencastle)5
Dakota Campbell (Greencastle)3
Hayden Switzer (South Putnam)2
Caydhan Stevens (Cloverdale)2
Parker Watts (Cloverdale)2


Damon Moody (Greencastle)1210174
Dalton Scott (South Putnam)600648
Evan Davies (North Putnam)700042
Chris Murray (North Putnam)700042
Gavin Bollman (Greencastle)600036
Hector Lezama (Greencastle)0146032
Aidan Baker (North Putnam)500030
Jake Wilkes (Cloverdale)500030
Elliot Sabens (North Putnam)0270027
Logan Abner (Cloverdale)300826