Court News for June 7, 2019

Thursday, June 6, 2019

The following cases were filed in Putnam County courts recently.

Criminal Cases

Lindsey Lea Deal, 35, Reelsville, Level 3 felony possession of methamphetamine-28 or more grams

Andrew Lee Boucher, 45, Columbus, Level 3 felony driving a vehicle after the forfeiture of license for life

Dylan D. Totten, 28, Morgantown, Level 6 felony theft with a prior conviction

Maria D. VonTagen, 43, Greencastle, Level 6 felony possession of methamphetamine

Jason L. Prosser, 45, Fillmore, Level 6 felony driving with a BAC of .08 or more with a prior conviction, Class C misdemeanor driving with a BAC of .08 or more, Level 6 felony driving while intoxicated with a prior conviction, Class C misdemeanor driving while intoxicated

Heath Alan Cloncs, 31, Greencastle, Level 6 felony invasion of privacy with a prior conviction, Class B misdemeanor harassment by means of a telephone call

Jonathan A. McCormack, 33, Indianapolis, Level 6 felony domestic battery in the presence of a child less than 16 years old, Level 6 felony neglect of a dependent

David E. Gale Jr., 31, Terre Haute, Class A misdemeanor invasion of privacy-violating protective order

Susan M. Ewing, 52, Greencastle, Class B misdemeanor disorderly conduct-unreasonable noise

Thomas Stiltner, 30, Charleston, S.C., Class A misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance, Class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana

Tommy G. Lemons, 21, Greencastle, Class A misdemeanor theft,

Citations and Infractions

Cody D. Wyatt, 30, Reelsville, speeding

Lindsay M. Terstegge, 30, Rosedale, child restraint system violation

Tiffany Peelman, 30, Mooresville, improper or no tail or plate light

Zachary Berg, 18, Greencastle, unsafe start

Diontae V. Twitty, 24, Indianapolis, speeding

Marcus Harmon, 48, Greencastle, no valid driverís license

Pablo M. Perez, 55, Fort Wayne, speeding

Skylar Parks, 32, Greencastle, driving with expired plates

Danie M. Kapp, 29, Danville, speeding

Stephen T. Aker, 50, Cloverdale, seat belt violation

Judy A. York, 70, Greencastle, seat belt violation, speeding

Nancy Hagen, 46, Greencastle, speeding

Jana Lea Guthrie, 30, Cloverdale, no drivers license in possession

David L. Young, 63, Columbus, Ohio, speeding

Wendy R. Perkins, 34, Bainbridge, seat belt violation

Leo J. Piersall Jr., 64, Coatesville, speeding

Bradley J. Youngblood, 49, Brazil, speeding

Cathy L. Williams, 51, Greencastle, unsafe slow down or stopping a vehicle without giving audible or turn signal

Crystal G. Costin, 39, Greencastle, seat belt violation

Shamari Kareen, 42, Cleveland, speeding

Wilbur M. Smith Jr., 62, Greencastle, littering

Andrea K. Glendy, 28, Indianapolis, driving with expired plates, no valid driverís license

Sara A. Rutter, 25, Bainbridge, speeding

Jade N. Hart, 17, Paragon, driving with expired plates

Adam K. Patterson, 23, Brazil, speeding

Anthony B. Hacker, 56, Cloverdale, speeding

Michael J. Fernow, 24, Muldon, Texas, failure to change lanes for stationary highway maintenance vehicle

Charles T. Caldwell IV, 16, OíFallon, Ill., speeding

Anita Mann, 54, Indianapolis, speeding

Jacob N. Skinner, 36, Greencastle, seat belt violation

Brandon L. Rabe, 30, Plainfield, speeding

Kathy P. Cox, 61, Fillmore, speeding

Heather N. Cottrell, 41, Clinton, speeding

Rhonda K. King, 51, Greencastle, speeding

Timothy E. Chaney, 54, Greencastle, speeding

James W. Clevenger, 62, Greencastle, speeding

Travis Barger, 47, Greencastle, speeding

Mark M. Osborn, 39, Bainbridge, seat belt violation

Tripp L. Etherington, 41, Mooresville, seat belt violation

Dennis J. Soto, 37, Mission, Texas, speeding

Arthur O. Suyunchev, 35, Charlotte, N.C., unsafe slow down or stopping a vehicle without giving audible or turn signal

Lori A. Burris, 54, Harrah, Okla., failure to change lanes for authorized emergency vehicle

Heather L. Boutwell, 36, Reelsville, seat belt violation

Michelle S. Sabo, 52, Poland, speeding

Kodi R. Riffle, 25, Bloomington, speeding

Perry B. Bennett, 53, Freedom, seat belt violation

Ricardo A. Costilla Jr., 37, Eagles Pass, Texas, speeding

Jose A. Rodriguez-Gonzalez, failure to reduce speed for stationary highway maintenance vehicle

William M. Fagg, 51, Brazil, sea belt violation, following too closely

Jeremiah A. Fudge, 27, Paris, Ill., speeding

Dymond N. Foster, 17, Poland, speeding

Rebecca S. Couch, 22, Greencastle, driving with a suspended license

Alice J. Gutschlag, 51, Greencastle, speeding

David R. Carson, 26, Greencastle, driving with a suspended license

Michael Shoopman, 20, Cloverdale, speeding

Adam T. Gillstrap, 38, Greencastle, speeding

Bethany R. Humphress, 22, Coatesville, disregarding an official traffic control device

Haley Cooksey, 22, Brazil, driving left of center

Eric Billings, 34, Greencastle, driving with expired plates

Layne Lucas, 19, Coatesville, driving with expired plates

Julie L. Reed, 58, Coatesville, speeding


Amy York, Greencastle, and George Williams, Eastover, N.C.

Civil Cases

U.S. Bank vs. Amber R. Mackey, David E. Mackey and U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Midland Funding vs. Amanda Crist

Midland Funding vs. Scott Small

Jonathan McCormack vs. Heather Keyt

Small Claims

Dawn Watts and Jon Watts vs. James Mullis