NP board approves contracts

Monday, June 24, 2019

BAINBRIDGE -- In addition to welcoming a new assistant principal, the North Putnam School Board went through with some split votes during its regular meeting last Thursday evening.

In one of four split votes, the board passed a salary increase and to extend the contracts for North Putnam administrators, including Director of Operations Terry Tippin and Athletic Director Roger Busch. Superintendent Nicole Singer stated that the total salary increase amounted to $7,500. Board members Travis Lambermont and Dustin Osborn opposed the vote.

Board members also approved to transition the earnings of central office staff to a salary basis. Board President Ron Spencer opined that the move was a “good idea,” saying that it was a “more corporate” way to better keep track of expenses. Osborn opposed this motion, while Lambermont abstained.

The body also accepted a $2,000 agreement with Pro Track and Tennis to resolve a recent civil case. Though details of the disagreement were not provided, it was apparent that board members were less-than-enthusiastic about the settlement, but eager to put the issue behind them. At-large member Mark Hoke dissented on the approval.

With another dissent from Hoke, the board also approved extending a food service agreement. Tippin provided that the school corporation was looking to make labor more efficient, stating that North Putnam Schools has been operating “in the red” concerning food.

Singer stressed further that the relationship with the provider needed to improve with regard to billing and reimbursement of funds, but was optimistic that the corporation could begin to see revenue.

The board also approved a five-cent increase for student meal prices for the 2019-20 school year. However, prices for free and reduced lunches will remain the same per state guidelines.

Board members also approved the following personnel report:

• New hires: Michelle Robbins, Bainbridge Elementary instructional assistant; Kimberly Thomas, high school special education teacher; Brandon Wagler, high school assistant principal; Evan Nesbitt, Zephyr Tallman, Andrew Hardy and Jon Hathaway, corporation summer laborers; Curtis Lawrence and Amy Davies, high school girls’ basketball assistant coaches; and Kylee Clodfelter, state reporting at high school.

• Transfer: Maryann Pollock, middle school transfer from cafeteria aide to instructional assistant; and

• Resignations: Brian Jeter, high school head baseball coach; and Paul Stinemetz, high school technology media specialist.

Bainbridge Elementary Principal Rodney Simpson was also officially appointed by the board as a Title I administrator.

Jackson Township representative Joanie Knapp was the only board member not present at the meeting.

The next regular meeting of the North Putnam School Board is scheduled for Thursday, July 18 at 7 p.m. in the North Putnam Schools Administration Office in Bainbridge.

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