Greencastle officials await revised Indianapolis Road timetable

Monday, July 15, 2019

After the start of the project was delayed more than once, the widening of Indianapolis Road will also not be completed on time.

Mayor Bill Dory briefly discussed the project with Greencastle City Council members during their regular meeting Thursday night.

“Obviously it’s not going to be done by the end of the month but we’re waiting on a revised schedule from the contractor on that,” Dory said.

On Monday afternoon, Dory confirmed for the Banner Graphic that city officials remain unclear on an exact timetable.

In the meantime, motorists will continue to deal with the reality that has been in place since May 7: The city’s main east-west thoroughfare is closed to eastbound traffic from the main entrance of Kroger to Percy Julian Drive.

For westbound traffic, this actually means little change. Headley Hardware, ServiceMaster and Mona Lisa Spa and Salon are all still accessible and will remain so throughout construction.

Likewise, residents of that portion of Indianapolis Road as well as Kentwood Drive still have access to their homes from the westbound lane.

For eastbound motorists on Indianapolis Road, once they reach the light at the Kroger entrance, they may turn left into the supermarket parking lot or right into Family Video/Jimmy John’s parking lot, but not proceed straight.

Citizens have been encouraged to use Washington Street, Shadowlawn Avenue, Albin Pond Road and State Road 240 as alternate routes to avoid the construction area. Avenue D has also seen increased traffic as Washington Street drivers simply continue east.

While the delays to the project have certainly caused frustration among drivers and officials alike, city officials have not resorted to casting blame, as some extreme circumstances this spring and early summer led to the delays.

First of all, utility work for the project, slated for early April, was delayed multiple weeks by repeated heavy rains.

At one point, even the weather outside Greencastle delayed the project, as Duke Energy was forced to pull its crews from the project for emergency needs elsewhere.

Dory elaborated for the Banner Graphic that progress has been made with better weather in recent weeks. The drain is complete on the south side of the road with curb work also ready to start on that side.

Additionally, much of the pavement on the south side has been removed.

Some sewer pipe has also been installed, as well as portions of the required retaining wall.

The general contractor for the $1,161,773 project, Feutz Contractors Inc., Paris, Ill., has also told area businesses that no closures will be required for the completion of work.

Once work is complete, city officials hope drivers and pedestrians alike will find it worth the inconvenience. The project will widen the road to three lanes, much as it is east of Percy Julian Drive.

Additionally, sidewalks will be installed in an area that was previously quite dangerous for walkers.

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