Baugh, GHS take top county cheer prizes

Monday, July 22, 2019
Realizing a goal she’s had for years, Cloverdale High School senior Gayle Baugh celebrates her victory after being named the Outstanding Senior Cheerleader at the 2019 Putnam County Fair Cheerleader Competition on Saturday.
Banner Graphic/Joe Fields

Heat may have caused moved the annual Putnam County Fair Cheerleading Contest across town to Greencastle High School McAnally Center, but it was a Putnam County Fair fixture who still came away with the top individual prize.

Cloverdale High School senior Gayle Baugh, one of the top 4-H exhibitors at the fair every year, was named the Outstanding Senior Cheerleader.

The host Tiger Cubs, meanwhile, won the All-County Cheer.

Meanwhile, Greencastle High School (above right) celebrates its victory in the All-County Cheer.
Banner Graphic/Joe Fields

The Tiger Cubs and Clovers finished second and third, respectively, to Tri-West in the overall competition.

In winning the All-County Cheer, the Greencastle team members and their coaches were happy, excited and proud of the hard work that went into their routines.

Cloverdale, meanwhile, walked away with the coveted Spirit Award, sweeping away North Putnam, South Putnam and Greencastle. Their loud chants, cheers, applause and even waving the Cloverdale fighting Clovers flag won the judges over.

Baugh and her Cloverdale teammates celebrate winning the Spirit Award.
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Another win to add to Cloverdale was the Outstanding Senior Cheerleader award. Gayle Baugh won the 2019 Outstanding Senior Cheerleader award, feeling breathless.

For Baugh, this has been a passion for her since she was a kid. This will be Baugh’s 13th year cheering.

“This has always been a goal of mine to go out on top in the best way possible,” Baugh said. “I’m grateful for Coach Carey at Flipside for helping me win this and I couldn’t be more proud.”

Baugh is also proud of her team for doing all that they did in the cheer competition with one girl missing from the performance due to a concussion. Yet the Clovers managed to walk away with not just one award, but three.

In the Freshman Division, Tri-West won first place with North Putnam placing second. Danville High School won first in the Small Varsity Division with Monrovia receiving second place.