Putnam County Hospital names perinatal navigator

Friday, January 10, 2020
Lindsay Martin

Putnam County Hospital continues its mission to provide exceptional healthcare close to home by adding Perinatal Navigator Lindsay Martin to the Women’s Health Clinic.

A perinatal navigator is a special resource to have on your side when you have a newborn on the way. A navigator is a specially trained nurse who focuses on helping expecting mothers with the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth. If you’re pregnant, this role may be the extra hand you need to navigate a healthy pregnancy.

Martin will help the individuals through every step of their pregnancy.

“We help enroll women in our program early in pregnancy to develop a plan,” Martin said. “I am extremely excited about helping the women in our community create a plan and improve their health and their child’s health.”

Perinatal navigators understand that pregnancy is a complicated often confusing process. While your body undergoes drastic changes you must attend doctors’ appointments make important decisions about your and your baby’s health and plan for life with your new baby. Think of Martin as an advocate for your and your baby’s wellness during this stressful time. As a qualified navigator she is familiar with the finer details of pregnancy health care and can help you receive truly individualized service.

Martin can help remove barriers to care access community resources and attend doctors’ appointments with you. The Putnam County perinatal navigator understands the vital roles nutrition and wellness play in having a healthy baby and can help you put together a plan to get and stay healthy during your pregnancy.

As the Putnam Women’s Health perinatal navigator, Martin can help identify at risk and high risk pregnancies, while supplying support for these pregnancies. She will follow up throughout the pregnancy and postpartum up to the child’s first birthday.

The financial and social decisions that come with having a child is another important part she is able to help with. Things such as stress management, safe sleep education, lactation consulting, and postpartum collaboration are all an important part of what the Putnam Women’s Health perinatal navigator does.

Putnam Women’s Health encourages women to connect with Martin. She can be reached at 655-6054

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