Redevelopment Commission annual report lists 2020 goals

Monday, April 13, 2020

It didn’t take long for the Greencastle City Council to approve the annual report from the Greencastle Development Commission.

Acting at its 45-minute April meeting, the City Council unanimously approved the 2019 annual report on a motion from Councilman Dave Murray, who said, “I think it’s well done.”

Stacie Langdon was the only other councilor to comment on the report.

“In reading it,” she said, “I appreciate it doesn’t look like we have an appetite to go out and pursue more bonds and that we feel comfortable with the balances we have. It’s good news and a credit to the group for being such a good watchdog for the funds we have.”

The report notes that the commission received $4,427,835.24 in 2019 funds via: Farm ground rental, $10,192.48; interest income, $156,146.25; sale of real estate, $99,820.20; and TIF allocation, $4,161,676.31.

The commission expended $3,066,053.40 of the Greencastle Economic Development Area funds during 2019: Ballard Farm Development, $722,858.53; Big Walnut Sports Park parking lot improvements,$14,841.72; Calbert Way, $23,484; Community Center, $11,160.40; Fillmore Road storm study, $2,040; IBM lift station, $207,559; Indianapolis Road reconstruction, $161,616.04; State Road 240 corridor study, $2,270; Stellar Communities – Pathway Project,$3,000; Stellar Communities – Wayfinding project, $1,836.12; Stellar Communities – WiFi, $948; Zinc Mill Road reconstruction, $128,700; miscellaneous expenses, $63.31.

The Redevelopment Commission has a total of $12,370,860 on hand as of Dec. 31, 2019. The commission has been accumulating funds to implement various projects in the Economic Development Plan on a “pay-as-you-go” basis.

The report notes that the commission has more than $13 million in projects that are under construction or ready for implementation in 2020. The commission’s intent is to minimize the cost of bonds and interest payments on bonds although due to changes in state law, the commission did issue a bond of $600,000 in 2015.

For 2020, the commission is and will be pursuing the following major projects with an estimated investment of more than $12 million:

-- Ballard Farm Development – The commission will make the final payment on the 72-acre property acquisition. Further work will take place to plat the property for development. The commission expects to close on the sale of a 20-acre parcel in mid-2020.

-- Big Walnut Sports Park – Construction on a second parking lot will begin in 2020. The parking area will also include improvements to provide for ADA accessible access to the adjoining ball fields.

-- Calbert Way Extension – The commission will proceed with the construction of Calbert Way in 2020. The work includes the extension of water and sanitary sewer lines.

-- Campus Link Trail – An extension of the Stellar Communities Pathway noted above, the city has applied for a Next Level Trails Grant. If awarded the state grant, the commission has agreed to provide the local match for the grant.

-- Community Center – The commission intends to move forward with the development of this project in 2020.

-- Downtown Parking – Columbia Street Parking Lot – In 2018, the commission acquired a quarter of a city block for additional parking development. The commission intends to proceed with engineering and possible construction in 2020.

-- Fillmore Road Improvements – The commission may pursue several storm water improvements along Fillmore Road starting in 2020 and continuing into 2021.

-- Locust Street Reconstruction – In the fall of 2017, the city applied for an INDOT grant to reconstruct Locust Street in the Stellar Communities area. The grant was awarded and engineering work began in 2019.

-- Partnership with Greencastle Schools – The commission will be partnering with the Greencastle Community Schools on some traffic and driveway improvements at the Greencastle Middle School and Greencastle High School. The commission previously rebuilt Percy Julian Drive to benefit traffic flow and turning movements at the middle and high school campus.

-- State Road 240 Corridor Study – The commission expects to work with INDOT on incorporating potential projects into INDOT’s long-range work plan. The city expects to receive Stage 1 plans for review in early 2020 of INDOT’s proposed project.

-- Zinc Mill Road – In the summer of 2016, the city received a $1.7 million INDOT grant award for reconstruction of Zinc Mill Road Improvements from SR 240 to South Street. Proposed work includes storm drainage, curbs, sidewalks, street resurfacing and other related improvements. (Phase I and II -- approximately 2,500 feet of road length) Construction contracts should be in play by May 1, 2020 with construction scheduled for summer 2020.

The Economic Development Plan for the Greencastle Economic Development Area calls for the following projects beyond 2020 for which the commission is accumulating funds (Projects are not listed in order of implementation or priority):

-- Stellar Communities project enhancements and local grant match for revitalization projects in the Courthouse Square Downtown Business District.

-- Completion of road improvements and related infrastructure to serve the Enterprise Park II - Airport Subdivision.

-- Sanitary sewer force main replacement from the F.B. Distro lift station to the intersection of Indianapolis Road and Round Barn Road (approximately 2,500 feet of force main).

-- Water loop to serve the Capital Drive industrial site.

-- Sanitary sewer to serve the Capital Drive industrial site.

-- Other infrastructure to serve the Capital Drive industrial site (sidewalk, storm drainage and other infrastructure).

-- Extension of Calbert Way to CR 50 South (2,059 feet of road construction).

-- Reserve for economic development incentives - training grants as allowed by state statute.

-- Eastside Water Works (including reimbursement of certain expenses to the water utility).

-- Acquisition of additional sites for commercial and/or industrial development purposes.

-- Extension of infrastructure improvements to any newly acquired commercial and/or industrial sites, if required.

-- Improvements to Big Walnut Sports Park to allow for the paving of roads and parking areas.

-- Infrastructure improvements in support of the expansion of any existing local industry and/or the location of a new industry in the Economic Development Area.

-- Additional capital improvements along Indianapolis Road such as sidewalks and street lighting.

-- Phase I - Zinc Mill Road improvements from State Road 240 to the north entrance of Woods Edge Subdivision, including drainage, curbs, sidewalks, street resurfacing and other related improvements (approximately 900 feet of road length).

-- Phase II - Zinc Mill Road improvements from the north entrance of Woods Edge Subdivision to South Street, including drainage, curbs, sidewalks, street resurfacing, and other related improvements (approximately 1,620 feet of road length).

-- Fillmore Road improvements, including drainage, curbs, street resurfacing and other related improvements (approximately 2,500 feet of road length).

-- People Pathways Campus Link Trail – INDOT grant match.

-- Extension of water and sanitary sewer to Jaycee Park.

-- Site acquisition and construction of the city parking lot at the intersection of Indiana and Columbia streets, including storm drainage, street and sidewalk improvements. Commission to reimburse City of Greencastle EDIT funds at a future date.

-- Downtown street lights, streetscaping and other improvements, including but not limited to replacement of light fixtures, benches, trash cans, repair of sidewalk pavers, curbs, gutters and roadway, and other infrastructure improvements.

-- Storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water utility repairs and improvements in the Greencastle Economic Development Area.

-- Construction of a community recreation center that would include space for recreation and educational activities.

-- Streetscape Improvements in the South Court neighborhood, including streetscape, street reconstruction, storm drainage, utility and other infrastructure work in the area generally bounded by Locust, Seminary, Jackson and Washington streets.

-- Landscaping and other improvements to the Vine Street parking lot, North Jackson Street parking lot and the Columbia Street parking lot.

-- Extension of Judson Drive and/or Fawn View Drive north to Albin Pond Road to assist with traffic management.

-- Improvements to Market Street from Columbia Street to Walnut Street, including storm drainage, curbs and gutters, repaving and sidewalks to complement the recently completed Market Street parking lot. Some of this work was completed in 2017.

-- Matching funds for Small Business Revolving Loan Fund(s), if required, by such funding sources as the State of Indiana, the United States Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Economic Development Administration and or other state and federal agencies and/or private companies and organizations. Although provided for in the economic development plan, city EDIT funds in the amount of $10,000 were provided to the Greencastle/Putnam County Development Center as match to a USDA commitment to fund a revolving loan pool. Although the commission supported this effort, commission funding was not required at this time. Future expansions of the loan fund could require commission assistance.

Members of the Greencastle Redevelopment Commission are Lottie Barcus, Drew Brattain, Erika Gilmore, Gary Lemon and Gwen Morris. It meets regularly on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.

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