NPHS students, faculty honored with virtual School Awards

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

ROACHDALE -- Unable to recognize the work and accomplishments of its students and faculty with a normal banquet, North Putnam High School held its 2019-20 School Awards Celebration through Facebook Live last Thursday.

The students and teachers who were honored are as follows:

Rotary Youth Leadership Award

Reghan Christy

Rotary Club Speech Contest Winner

Grace Timm

Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Winner

Josie Lyons

Perfect Attendance

Keely Black, Anna Grimes, Ethan Harrison, Shelby Hilton, Brant Sheldon and Alexi Sweet

Thespian Awards

Outstanding Students - Fall Play: “Don’t Drink the Water”

Best Actor: Kyle Young

Best Actress: Josie Lyons

Best Supporting Actor: Nathan Copeland

Best Supporting Actress: Grace Elmore

Dedicated Senior Thespian Awards

Clara Alford, Taylor Hensley, Josie Lyons and Kyle Young

Academic Super Bowl

Melanee Brown, Nathan Copeland, Aaron Fritz, Abigail Gaddis, Olivia Haste, Kimberly Kippert, Sophia Lotzow, Josie Lyons, Breanna Richardson, Dane Spencer, Molly Springmeyer, Grace Timm, Matthew Trotter and Kyle Young

Departmental Awards


Outstanding Students - Into 2D Art: Opry Curran, Kylie Gilliam and Chase Hanger

Outstanding Students - Into 3D Art: Evan Baker, Alaina Chew and Jenna Modlin

Outstanding Student - Advanced 2D Art: Sydney Allen

Outstanding Student - Advanced 3D Art: Brie Miller

Outstanding Student - Painting: Olivia Haste

Outstanding Student - Ceramics: Kalib Lawrence


Outstanding Underclassman: Elle Jones

Outstanding Upperclassman: Robert Dunigan

Family and Consumer Sciences

Outstanding Family and Consumer Sciences Seniors: Anna Grimes and Alexa Worth


Outstanding Students - Intro to Business: Opry Curran and Ellis Lyons

Outstanding Students - Computer Science: Brett Asher and Abigail Kimes

Outstanding Student - Internship: Alexi Sweet


Outstanding Student - English 9: Isabella Schmidt

Outstanding Student - Honors English 9: Alaina Chew

Outstanding Student - English 10: Wyleigh Thomas

Outstanding Student - Honors English 10: Shelby Hilton

Outstanding Student - English 11: Taryn Thornburg

Outstanding Student English 12: Anna Grimes

Outstanding Student - Yearbook: Lauren Lotzow

Outstanding Student - AP English Language: Grace Elmore

Outstanding Student - AP English Literature: Josie Lyons

World Language

Outstanding Student - Spanish I: Levi Gill

Outstanding Student - Spanish II: Abigail Gaddis

Outstanding Student - Spanish III: Nathan Copeland

Jobs for America’s Graduates

Outstanding Student: Ethan Mazur


Outstanding Student - Algebra I: Bradlee Gasper

Outstanding Student - Geometry: Zachary Huff

Outstanding Student - Honors Geometry: Keely Black

Outstanding Student - Algebra II: Mason Ray

Outstanding Student - Algebra II Honors: Abigail Gaddis

Outstanding Student - Probability and Statistics: Sophia Lotzow

Outstanding Student - Finite Math: Sophia Lotzow

Outstanding Student - Pre-Calculus Honors: Sophia Lotzow

Outstanding Student - Trigonometry Honors: Sophia Lotzow

Outstanding Student - AP Calculus: Dane Spencer

Band and Choir

Outstanding Students - Eight-Semester Band Members: Brett Asher, Kimberly Kippert and Matthew Trotter

Outstanding Students - Four-Year Marching Band Members: Brett Asher and Kimberly Kippert

Band Director’s Award - Freshman

Arrick Kramer

Band Director’s Award - Sophomore

Molly Springmeyer

Band Director’s Award - Junior

Natalie Presslor

Band Director’s Award - Senior

Matthew Trotter

Outstanding Musicianship - Freshman: Jordan Hanger

Outstanding Musicianship - Sophomore: Madelynn Burgess

Outstanding Musicianship - Junior: Darcie Cox

Outstanding Musicianship - Seniors: Brett Asher, Kimberly Kippert, Lauren Lotzow and Matthew Trotter

Outstanding Students - Four-Year Choir Members: Clara Alford, Melanee Brown, Tyler Englert and Josie Lyons

Most Outstanding Choir Students

Melanee Brown, Tyler Englert, Abigail Gaddis and Victoria Smith

Most Outstanding Choir Freshmen of the Year - Korbyn Cox, Bradlee Gasper and Ruby Sullivan

Physical Education

Outstanding P.E. Student - Female: Opry Curran

Outstanding P.E. Student - Male: Michael Frazier

Outstanding Advanced P.E. Student - Female: Kylie Rust

Outstanding Advanced P.E. Student - Male: Gabe Garcia

Outstanding Health Student - Female (First Semester): Baylee Miller

Outstanding Health Student - Female (Second Semester): Wyleigh Thomas

Outstanding Health Student - Male (First Semester): Evan Baker

Outstanding Health Student - Male (Second Semester): Zachary Huff


Outstanding Student - Biology: Korbyn Cox

Outstanding Student - Honors Biology: Levi Gill

Outstanding Student - Anatomy: Josie Lyons

Outstanding Students - ICP: Emma Haste and Benjamin McHargue

Outstanding Student - Chemistry: Ellis Lyons

Outstanding Student - Environmental Science: Ashley Witty

Outstanding Student - AP Physics: Sophia Lotzow

Outstanding Student - AP Biology: Josie Lyons

Social Studies

Outstanding Students - U.S. History: LexAnne Fuchs and Landyn Powell

Outstanding Students - AP U.S. History: Grace Elmore and Dane Spencer

Outstanding Student - World History: Brant Sheldon

Outstanding Students - Economics: Josie Lyons and Kyle Young

Outstanding Students - Government: Anna Grimes and Ethan Mazur


Outstanding Student - Intro to Engineering Design: Ethan Harrison

Outstanding Student - Principles of Engineering: Evan Baker

Graphic Design and Photography

Outstanding Student - Graphic Design: Megan Earley

Outstanding Students - Photography: Grace Fryand Anna Haste

National Finalist - Poetry Poster: Curtis Matthias

Regional Scholastic Art Awards

Cayman Curran, Megan Earley, Grace Fry, Anna Haste, Curtis Matthias and Taryn Thornburg

National Silver Key: Taryn Thornburg

Community Service Class - Students of the Year

Haylee Greene and Katie Watt

Support Staff Member of the Year

Kimberly Klein

Faculty Member of the Year

Kyle Morgan

Most Influential Educator

Adam Bonebrake - Mr. Shannon

Mel Brown - Mr. Lafever

Aaron Fritz - Mrs. Alspaugh

Clarissa Gibson - Mrs. Parent

Bradi Gierke - Mr. Yowell

Anna Grimes - Mrs. Wilson

Emma Haste - Mrs. Parent

Olivia Haste - Mrs. Maier

Lauren Lotzow - Mrs. Fields

Josie Lyons - Mrs. Kramer

Abigail Simmerman - Mrs. Patrick-Grimes

Kyle Young - Mrs. Alspaugh

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