Greencastle's fall 2020 sports COVID-19 coverage plan

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Proposal for Fall Sports - Greencastle High School/Middle School 2020-2021


For everyone's safety, our facility is following the CDC safety protocols in order to slow the spread of the COVID - 19 Virus. We request that if you are in a high-risk category due to age, pre-existing conditions, are experiencing viral symptoms, or have been exposed in the last 14 days in any way to the virus that you do NOT enter our facility. Your attendance at Greencastle High School/Middle School is done so at your own risk.

The following guidelines apply to all spectators which include, but are not limited to:

Home Team Fans/Friends/Family Members

Opposing Team Fans/Friends/Family Members

Media Personnel

School Employees

If you are exhibiting any of the following symptoms commonly associated with COVID - 19, we respectfully request that you do NOT attend events. Symptoms may include:

Fever of 100 F



Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

Muscle or body aches


New loss of taste or smell

Sore throat

Nausea or vomiting


Record Keeping

It will be recommended that spectators sign in with a name and contact number prior to entering the facility.

A list of all players, volunteers, and coaches will be kept for each game.

Sanitization and Cleanliness

Bathrooms and high touch surfaces will be cleaned by custodial staff throughout the events.

There will be sanitization stations provided at entrances to all facilities and near the playing field for on field personnel.

Signage will be posted encouraging proper hygiene by all attendees.

All event workers will be provided guidelines.

No handshakes between teams will occur after games.

Sport Specific Guidelines for Fall 2020


Maximum capacity for spectators excluding event workers and teams 400

250 fans on the home side, socially distanced with families sitting together

An empty row of bleacher seats will be enforced

150 fans on the away side, socially distanced with families sitting together

The band will sit on the west end of the stadium in chairs that are social distanced (they

are not included in the 250 on the home side as they will sit separately)

Home and Visiting fans may stand along the fence if separated by six feet

Numbered tickets will ensure a total of 400 fans

All spectators will be required to wear masks at all times

All students in 8th grade or under must be accompanied by a parent and must sit with

parents/guardians during the game

Each team will be limited to 45 players

On field personnel will be estimated between 110-125

Cheerleaders will be stationed on the track between the football team and the home

stands and be counted towards on field personnel count. Cheerleaders will wear mask

during games

Visiting cheerleaders will not be permitted into the game

Gates will open 30 minutes prior to start time

There will be a home fan entrance and an away fan entrance, separated far apart

There will be home fan bathrooms and away fan bathrooms, separated far apart

There will be one hand sanitizer at each entrance and each bathroom

No sports athletic passes will be issued this school year

There will be two separate concessions stands marked Home team and Away team

Visiting teams may use a separate locker room equipped with bathroom facilities,

however we ask that visiting teams arrive as ready as possible and limit locker room use

Two separate home locker rooms are laid out to allow for social distancing at all times

Bathrooms will be cleaned by custodial staff during the game

Game equipment will be cleaned at halftime by school officials

4 6-foot lines for walk-up tickets, bathrooms, and concession stands


McAnally gym capacity is 5,500 fans, GMS gym capacity is 400 fans

Home seating will be on the north side upper and lower bleachers, visitors will be on the

south side upper bleachers

GHS will limit ticket sales to 250 per game, GMS will limit ticket sales to 200 per game

This will allow for excellent social distancing, which will include an empty row of seats

Visitors will be encouraged to come ready to play, limited use of locker rooms available

One concession stand will be used

Game equipment will be cleaned between sets by school officials

All spectators will be required to wear masks

Visitor fans will use the upstairs lobby bathrooms, home fans will use lower lobby


There will be one hand sanitizer at the entrance and one at the scorer's bench

4 6-foot lines for walk-up tickets, bathrooms, and concession stands

No sports athletic passes will be issued this school year


Spectators will be encouraged to bring lawn chairs and socially distance

Many of the Greencastle parents sit near their car at the top of the hill in lawn chairs

Tennis balls will be provided by Greencastle Tennis

All spectators will be required to wear masks

Athletes only will be allowed to use the small bleachers on the east side of the courts

Social distancing is required for those athletes

Athletes will not share racquets or equipment


Spectators will be spread out by using the sidelines, and the hill to socially distance

Hand sanitizer will be provided at the concessions stands

Athletes should use areas around their dugout to socially distance during the game

Spectators may use the bleachers but should stay socially distanced

All equipment will be cleaned at halftime by school offical

There is a home set of bleachers and an away set of bleachers nearly forty yards apart

Visiting teams will not be provided a locker room

There is one bathroom for fans

All spectators will be required to wear masks

Cross Country

GHS has one home cross country meet, GMS has two (both in Tiger Cub Invite, GMS hosts North Putnam on 8/26/20)

The Invite with approximately 12 high schools attending

The meet will be run at Big Walnut Park

Park Director Rod Weinshank will work with GHS Athletics before and during the event

Extra bathroom facilities will be brought in the day of the event

Visiting Coaches will be assigned to help their school's runners at the finish line

After athletes finish the race, we will have a designated area for them to cool down

There will no awards ceremony after the event, awards will be sent to the schools

Girls Golf

Tiger Pointe Golf Club will host all practices and matches for Greencastle HS

Tiger Pointe is aware of all socially distance expectations

Athletes and Coaches are expected to wear masks as pre-match instructions are given

Athletes and Coaches should wear masks coming to and leaving Tiger Pointe

Once the match has started, athletes need to socially distance as much as possible

Masks are not required on the course while playing

Girls will use their own set of clubs and not share equipment