Letter to the Editor

Reelsville Water remembers Jimmy Proctor

Monday, February 15, 2021

To the Editor:

In 1966 a group of four guys got together and decided to try to find a way to get “city” water to a rural area in Putnam County. One of these guys was Jimmy Proctor.

Jimmy served on the board of directors for many years, as well as working every day out in the system. Jimmy was proficient in bookkeeping. Recently we cleaned out the attic area and found he had kept records dated as far back as 1972.

Jimmy was a full-time teacher and a full-time water guy starting out, along with working with the Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department. He never took time for himself, always serving the community the best way he knew how.

Jimmy continued to work with Reelsville Water, always giving us advice and some knowledge he held onto for all these years.

The Proctor name will always have a home with the Reelsville community and surrounding areas.

One thing we will miss is a conversation like this:

Me: Hey Jimmy, when did this water line get installed?

Jimmy: Well let me see, it was April 17, 1972 or maybe ’73 ... It was ’72. We had problems getting that pressure regulated so we had to use a ...

Me: Seriously, who can remember things like that?

Jimmy: (Just laughs his deep hearty laugh.)

In memory of a special person with many titles, Jimmy, we will miss you more than you could imagine.

Sincerely, with love and prayers,

Your Reelsville Water Family