Area 30 Board approves annual budget

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Three weeks after moving forward with a budget model based on average daily membership (ADM), Area 30’s board of directors approved amendments to its interlocal agreement at its regular meeting Tuesday morning.

Additionally, the board approved Area 30’s enrollment budget for the 2021-22 school year. The budget lays out the overall financial contribution of each school corporation, as well as how many students will be expected from each.

Greencastle Schools is expected to send 94 students, the highest number of the five sending corporations. North Putnam Schools total stands at 87. South Putnam Schools and Cloverdale Schools are expected to send 61 and 51 students, respectively. Meanwhile, Eminence Schools would send 26 students.

Area 30 is expecting 319 students in its programs next school year, 58 fewer than in 2020-21.

In terms of their yearly contributions, Greencastle would pay $492,595. North Putnam would pay $471,466, while South Putnam and Cloverdale would pay $388,361 and $364,415, respectively. Eminence would pay the lowest at $146,938.

Compared to the 2020-21 budget, Greencastle, South Putnam and Eminence will incur a lower cost, While Cloverdale’s and North Putnam’s have increased. The comparisons are as follows:

• Greencastle:

2020-21: $577,169

2021-22: $492,595

• South Putnam:

2020-21: $441,925

2021-22: $388,361

• Eminence:

2020-21: $177,213

2021-22: $146,938

• Cloverdale:

2020-21: $302,868

2021-22: $364,415

• North Putnam:

2020-21: $371,755

2021-22: $471,466

The 2021-22 budget will be $14,000 less than last year’s. Executive Director Lora Busch told the Banner Graphic this was because of retirements and halting Area 30’s EMT program due to low enrollment. The new fire and rescue program will essentially replace EMT as a morning-only one. However, EMT will still remain as an option.

As to the interlocal agreement, the board considered new language in terms of reflecting the new ADM format. Though the changes were concerned with syncing up billing, this meant a clarification on how open seats could be filled.

If there would be vacancies in a particular program and students may still want to be enrolled, this would be done according to each school corporation’s enrollment percentage. This would be granted that enrollment for the following year be set by April 15. Vacancies in programs would be determined afterward.

With these changes understood, the board approved for the new language to be added to the agreement.

In other business:

• The board approved new career and technical education (CTE) courses to be offered at both South Putnam and North Putnam high schools. The courses include principles of agriculture, digital design graphics, principles of digital design, professional photography and videography and principles of business management.

• The board approved the authorization to transfer $475,000 from the Education Fund to the Operations Fund.

• The board approved to raise the Area 30 adult lunch price from $3.75 to $3.85. The new price was calculated based on its current free meal reimbursement rate ($3.53) plus its menu certification rate ($0.07) plus the per-meal value of USDA-donated foods ($0.25).

• The board accepted a donation of a 2001 Honda CRV for Area 30’s Auto Services program. The donation was made by Bill and Kathryn Dory.

The board also approved the resignation of Mia Muckey as the culinary arts program assistant and a part-time cafeteria worker at Area 30.

Along with Busch and Assistant Director Chad Nunley, superintendents Jeff Gibboney, Nicole Singer and Bruce Bernhardt were in attendance. Incoming South Putnam Superintendent Corey Smith also sat in on the meeting. New Eminence Superintendent Wesley Hammond and Cloverdale Superintendent Greg Linton were absent.

The next regular meeting of the Area 30 Board is scheduled for Tuesday, July 13 at 9 a.m. in the Old National Trail boardroom.

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