NP board approves budget advertisement

Monday, August 23, 2021

ROACHDALE — The same as school leaders at Cloverdale and South Putnam recently, the North Putnam School Board now has a budget projection for next year.

The board approved to advertise the school corporation’s proposed 2022 budget during its regular meeting last Thursday evening.

The estimate for the Education Fund is $10,615,588 with no impact on levies or expected funds. What also has to be taken into account is what North Putnam’s average daily membership (ADM) count will be next month.

The Operations Fund’s budget is expected at $5,512,500, with the estimated maximum funds to be raised figured at $3,237,480. The current tax levy on this fund is at $3,103,527.

The Debt Service Fund’s budget is expected at $3,909,533. It would see the greatest impact with its current levy at $2,965,304 and the estimated maximum funds raised at $4,982,836. This is a 68-percent levy difference between these two numbers.

Meanwhile, the Rainy Day Fund is estimated at $2,748,614.

The maximum school operations levy is estimated at $3,237,480 with a property tax cap credit estimate at $38,270.

Corporation Treasurer Tanya Pearson noted that the budget was advertised high to capture “all of the dollars” possible. It was also noted that the budget was set out with planned HVAC improvements taken into account.

A public hearing on the budget will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 23 at North Putnam High School. It is then set to be adopted on Thursday, Oct. 7 at the same time and place.

In other business:

• The board heard a public comment from Franklin Township resident Lora Scott to consider requiring masks for all students and staff in school buildings. She provided the board with a packet about the delta COVID variant, but did not go into detail due to a time limit. Besides on buses, masks are optional at North Putnam.

• The board approved an amended teacher appreciation grant (TAG) policy. Corporation Attorney Daniel Taylor said language for “licensed” teachers had been changed to “eligible,” and that the designation had been made more general to apply each year.

• The board approved a price increase for adult staff/guest lunch price from $3.80 to $4.60, with breakfast increasing from $2.15 to $2.60. Director of Operations Terry Tippin said the changes were due to an increase in food prices. He added that student lunches will still be free through the school year and be reimbursed.

• The board renewed an agreement with Hendricks Regional Health to provide training services for athletes. North Putnam High School Principal Jason Chew explained that the hospital was an exclusive sponsor.

• The board approved to re-designate Ann Wood as a salaried transportation assistant. Superintendent Nicole Allee provided that besides driving a school bus, she serves as an assistant to Tippin and handles other functions including payroll. Wood’s new designation will cover both her secretarial and bus duties.

• The board approved to continue with Astra for the corporation’s property casualty and liability insurance, but to switch to Zenith for workers’ compensation. John Parmley of HBG Insurance recommended the switch because it was less expensive than Astra’s coverage and there would be no change in payroll.

The board also recognized fifth-grade Roachdale Elementary teacher Heather Conner as North Putnam’s Teacher of the Month.

The board also approved the following personnel report:

• New hires: Jaci Meredith - Bainbridge Elementary teacher; Maliha Kheiri - Bainbridge Elementary teacher; Sumer Ramsey - Bainbridge Elementary learning loss teacher; Elizabeth Arnold - Bainbridge Elementary teacher; Michael Vicory - NPHS math teacher; Brittney Ault - Roachdale Elementary teacher; Jeanne Seger - Roachdale Elementary instructional assistant; Lynn Miller - Bainbridge Elementary instructional assistant; Megan Robertson - NPHS instructional assistant; Morgan Smith - NPHS instructional assistant; Danetta Osterhoudt - NPHS instructional assistant; Jenny Heron - NPHS assistant softball coach; Jon Hathaway - NPMS assistant soccer coach; Melissa Wood - NPMS assistant soccer coach; Mandy Keslar - assistant corporation treasurer; and Kimberly Klein - NPHS teacher;

• ECA: Kristy Lippencott - math academic coach and department head; Kyle Morgan - social studies academic coach, social studies department head and National Honor Society sponsor; Annette Maier - science academic coach and science/physical education/health department head; Monique Fields - language arts academic coach, Spell Bowl academic coach, language arts/foreign language department head and yearbook sponsor; Sarah Sims - fine arts academic coach, fine arts department head and Art Club sponsor; Katrina Skirvin - technology and practical arts department head and FFA sponsor; Riachel Mosteller - special education department head; Jon Hathaway - guidance department head; Haley Weaver - Frosh Solutions department head; Dustin Bond - major production director and Musical One director; Linda Gjesvold - major production art director and musical art director; Matt Wargel - musical orchestra director and NPHS/NPMS music director; Morgan Asher - musical pianist and music choral accompanist; Kirstin Mindiola - Winter Guard director; Janna Oxford - FFA sponsor; Lukas Haworth - Pep Club sponsor and FCA volunteer; Jordan Baire - Spanish Club sponsor, Key Club sponsor and junior class sponsor; Sheri Roach - Gay-Straight Alliance sponsor; Nathan Bryan - FCA volunteer; Pam Bacon - FCA volunteer; Vince Brooks - FCA volunteer; Chris Geeser - freshman class sponsor; Jessica Neild - senior class sponsor and junior class sponsor; Kylee Clodfelter - Student Council sponsor; Randy Funk - NPMS academic competition coordinator and science academic coach; Jennifer Fischer - NPMS language arts academic coach; Matthew Couch - NPMS Science Bowl coach and sixth-grade outdoor education; Bonnie Osborn - NPMS math academic coach; Christina Miller - NPMS Spell Bowl coach and sixth-grade outdoor education; Jessyca South - sixth-grade team leader and sixth-grade outdoor education; Dan Fouts - eighth-grade team leader; Alyssa Chew - seventh-grade team leader and sixth-grade outdoor education; Helen Dunn - NPHS Student Council leader; Kayla Kocher - NPMS yearbook sponsor and Art Club sponsor; Angela Moore - sixth-grade outdoor education; Becky Cook - sixth-grade outdoor education; Holly Richardson - sixth-grade outdoor education; Jacob Bender - sixth-grade outdoor education; Elizabeth Burnett - sixth-grade outdoor education (volunteer); Mary Unger - sixth-grade outdoor education (volunteer); Jon Hathaway - sixth-grade outdoor education (volunteer); Helen Dunn - sixth-grade outdoor education (volunteer); Randy Funk - sixth-grade outdoor education (volunteer); Wes Richardson - sixth-grade outdoor education (volunteer); Carrie Bolen - sixth-grade outdoor education (volunteer); and Sara Greene - sixth-grade outdoor education (volunteer);

• FFA volunteers: Kevin and Anna Ariens; Heather and Ray Poynter; Ashley O’Neal; Mary Timm; Rodney and Jackie Simpson; Jeff and Char Coffman; Kristy Straziscar; Nate Skirvin; Skylar Clingan; Kyle Morgan; Ed Sheldon; Stephanie Crill; Mark and Ann Timm; Kim and Richard Bayless; Walter Colvin; Lyndsay and Jason Holmes; Kevin and Amber Greene; Rick and Cami Johnston; Amanda King; Cameron Frazier; Joel and Lauren Flanders; Jason and Alyssa Chew; Denise Oxford; Sarah Correll; Paul and Jenny Hodgen; Adam Nicodemus; Andy and Mindy Thomas; Taylor Goss; Jordan Goss; and Robert O’Neal;

• Resignations: Jim Hess - NPHS teacher (effective Aug. 4); Jessica Ross - Bainbridge Elementary teacher (effective July 29); Bryant Pestoff - NPHS teacher (effective July 26); Maryann Pollock - NPHS instructional assistant (effective July 28); Brenda Fish - bus driver (effective Aug. 5); Mildred Enicks - NPHS teacher (effective Aug. 6); Heather Lawson - corporation assistant treasurer (effective Aug. 6); Myra Cox - cheer head coach (effective end of fall competition season); and Haylee Cox - cheer assistant coach (effective end of fall competition).

Eric Oliver was the only board member absent. Joining Allee, Tippin, Taylor, Pearson and the rest of the board was Administrative Assistant April Lambermont.

The next regular meeting of the North Putnam School Board is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 16 at 7 p.m. in the large group instruction room at North Putnam High School.

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