Letter to the Editor

Reader recalls generosity of town marshal

Monday, January 3, 2022

To the Editor:

This is a story about a man named Mike, who lived in this little town I moved into.

Well, this town kind of reminds you of Mayberry on TV, because everyone knows each other here.

As I moved into this little town, I had the privilege of meeting Mike, and he seemed like a real nice person at that time; and the more I got to know him, he had become one of my best friends.

Well, you know Mike really made me feel like I really belong in this beautiful little town.

Mike was well-liked and anytime he was called and/or was needed, he always was there and had never complained and was always professional about his job.

You know, not many towns can give their town marshal a good review like the people of Russellville have always done.

We were all a little sad when he retired, but you know, we still sometimes “bug” him about our problems, and I guess we always will.

You know, if you had the respect about your town marshal like we had done here and still do, then maybe you could have the same story about yours, too.

Thank you, Mike (Biggs), for being there when we needed you.

Russell Rice