Lana Klebusch

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

On Friday, April 1, 2022, our family lost a daughter, a sister, an aunt and a friend in Lana Klebusch after years of having one medical problem after another attacking her since her early 40s. Her health gave her every right to be bitter as one thing after another popped up but instead, her attitude was more like, youre not gonna believe this...

She was in love with the beach, lighthouses, flamingos and sand between her toes. She made multiple trips to anywhere she could find waves and lived in Florida for several years.

She was brainy, a gourmet-level cook, an amazing florist and much, much more. When she knew something you were really interested in, she sent you everything she could find about it, as well as gifting you with related items. She was a generous and loving person. We will miss her terribly, but there was no way to wish her pain to continue.

As her sister left her that Friday evening, she said, Ill see you tomorrow. Her answer was I wont be here, I wanna go home. I know Heaven had an amazing reunion that night as Lana joined her two brothers as well as her mother and father.

The family will be having small ceremonies on the beaches of North Carolina, the Bahamas, Hawaii and Aruba over the next few months to honor, remember and cherish Lana. There will be a ceremony this summer for friends and family at one of her favorite spots. It was a place where she grew up, spent lots of time at and held near and dear to her heart. Details will be announced when the time is decided upon.

Lana was preceded in death by her mother, Marcia, and her father, Johnny, as well as her brothers, Bill and Ned. She is survived by her sisters, Anita (Steve) Akins and Jonnan Klebusch (Bob Teorsky), aunt Carolyn Carson and several nieces, nephews and cousins.