Washout closes County Road 900 West

Monday, June 20, 2022
A washout on County Road 900 West left a wide gap in the road until Parke County officials rented the proper equipment to fix the issue on Monday.
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PORTLAND MILLS — The washout of a double culvert on the Putnam-Parke county line caused quite the issue on a road in western Russell Township recently.

Though identified locally as Putnam County Road 900 West, the road is technically the responsibility of the Parke County Highway Department, as counties are in charge of the roads and bridges on their eastern and southern borders.

In discussing the road Monday morning during the Putnam County Commissioners meeting, County Engineer/Highway Supt. Jim Peck described a recent situation in which a motorist tried to cross the gap in the roadway “Dukes of Hazzard style.”

Having driven right past “road closed” signs, the wayward motorist did not have the luck of Beau and Luke, and failed to complete the jump of approximately 15 feet.

The road was a matter of discussion Monday because Parke County did not have operational equipment on hand to fix the job, so Putnam County officials were going to provide the equipment.

However, as of later Monday, Parke County officials said they had rented the equipment to fix the road.

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