FEATURED SENIOR ATHLETE: Carson Hall, Cloverdale

Friday, January 27, 2023
Carson Hall
Banner Graphic/TRENT SCOTT

Carson is a senior at Cloverdale and participates in three sports, cross country, swimming and track.


Banner Graphic: How important are sports to you, and what have you learned from them?

Carson Hall: “Sports are a big part of my life I’ve done them forever. I’ve me new people, learned communication skills, leadership and hard work through sports.”

BG: Talk about you sports.

CH: “I’ve run cross country for four years and was team captain this year. I’ve swam for four years and am a team captain this year. I’ll be running track for four years in the spring.”

BG: What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you in sports?

CH: “I’ve gone my whole swimming career, some 10 years, without ever missing an event. Last year, in club swimming divisionals, I missed my first event.”

BG: What does your game day routine look like?

CH: “I usually show up at practice, eat a little something before hand, and do our breathing harmonics and stretching. We’ll hop in the water until about an hour before hand. I’ll eat a sandwich and get myself psyched up for the meet.”

BG: When did you know you could swim at the high school level and what has been like being a four-year athlete in a sport that requires you to practice and participate at another school?

CH: “In my eighth grade year, I was asked by (Greencastle) coach (Kent) Menzel and our athletic director (James Wade) if I wanted to swim in high school. It was something I didn’t know I could do. I knew the IHSAA rules for middle school were a little looser but I didn’t know about high school. During the summer, I had to make the decision between swimming and basketball. It’s almost like we’ve had a pool at Cloverdale. It’s been a pleasure swimming (at Greencastle) and the team, year after year, has been like a family to me or friends at school.”

BG: Do you have any favorite college/pro sports teams or athletes you follow?

CH: “I’m an Indiana University fan, so I like watching the football and basketball team. It’s cool watching athletes in what is like a larger version of high school.”

BG: What else do you do at school besides things involving sports?

CH: “There’s a lot. Some of the bigger ones are I am the school’s PIE representative, part of student council; our school brought in Leader in Me and I am part of the Lighthouse team for that, NHS, FCA and my different sports.”

BG: What do you like to do outside of school and sports?

CH: “Over the last couple of years, I’ve taken up wakeboarding. I like snowboarding but it’s a seasonal thing, especially in Indiana.”

BG: What are your favorites in movies, books, TV and music?

CH: “I don’t have a lot of time to watch TV so it’s the occasional movie, whatever Mom puts on. Dad has been into ‘Yellowstone’ lately, so we’ve been watching that. We’ve also been going back through the ‘Marvel’ movies with him.”

BG: Are you a person that wants to watch TV shows and movies, stream something from YouTube, Twitch, TikTok etc. or something else (gaming, reading, etc.)?

CH: “If my brother was home, we’d play some euchre or poker something like that. Otherwise, I’d watch a movie or play Xbox.”

BG: What is something you have never done before that you would like to do someday?

CH: “I’ve seen barefoot skiing before. It’s high-speed and looks cool. It may hurt if you crash but it’s something I’d like to do to say I’ve tried it.”

BG: What is your biggest fear?

CH: “Overthinking things. The fear of not doing as well as I should gets me. I think I should do well on something then start to overthink about not getting it done to the best of my abilities.”

BG: You’ve been placed in charge of making dinner. What’s on the menu?

CH: “If we had taco meat, I’d make tacos. We always have fish in the fridge so I could also make fish tacos instead.”

BG: Do you have any pets?

CH: “I have a golden retriever, Lacy, and a golden retriever mix, Millie.”

BG: If your house were on fire, all living things were already out and you have your keys, cell phone, wallet/purse etc., what is one thing you would go back and get?

CH: “I’d go get this quilt that, after my great-grandfather passed away, my grandmother and mom made for me, my brother and two cousins of his old shirts and jeans.”

BG: If you were to describe your personality in one word, what would that word be and why?

CH: “Outgoing. I’m always up for trying something new.”

BG: What has been your favorite place to visit?

CH: “We went on a family trip with the whole side of my mom’s family to Hawaii. That was pretty cool. We went to the big island and Honolulu. It was good to get out of a midwestern field to see what a tropical island looks like.”

BG: What was your favorite school field trip?

CH: “We took a JAG field trip to Indiana University. Considering it’s a place I’m considering going to school, it was a cool trip to go on with my classmates and teacher.”

BG: How important is support from your family and classmates to your success?

CH: “It’s a huge part of my success. My family and friends, no matter whether it was a teacher or friends, parent or brother, they’ve always given me their support and that is a huge part of my success.”

BG: Describe your overall school experience both academically and athletically.

CH: “It’s been amazing. Some kids don’t like school that much but I get to see my all my friends and without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am. Whether it’s through sports, book smarts from classes or street smarts from my buddies, it’s usually where I learn everything and I love it.”

BG: If your school was to offer a class it currently doesn’t, what would you want to see taught?

CH: “I would definitely choose a finances class as school teaches everything except how to manage your money, debt and things like that. Those are things I’d like to know rather than learn the hard way later.”

BG: What are your plans for after high school, and what career are you headed toward?

CH: “I’m still deciding which school to attend but I would like to pursue a business degree and to become either a financial adviser or accountant.”

BG: Is it difficult to keep up with your school work being an athlete?

CH: “Near the end of the semester when finals come around, that two-week period where you’re cramming information is tough but otherwise it’s alright.”

BG: Which particular classes and teachers have helped you the most in high school?

CH: “Every single teacher I’ve had has helped me but over the past year, Mr. Turk has helped a lot. I have his JAG class and that’s helped me with essays, interviews and things like that. He’s been probably my biggest influence.”

BG: In the future, once you’ve established yourself, if you had your choice, would you want to live somewhere more remote, such as in the mountains or the countryside, somewhere more flashy like down on the beach or in the big city or in the neighborhood?

CH: “I’d live in the mountains. It’s beautiful out there and I can hunt and fish, doing all the things I like to do outside rather than be congested in a little apartment.”

BG: Do you think high school has gone fast, and are you going to miss it?

CH: “Now that I look back, yes, it has gone fast. I’ll miss some things like friends and athletics but I won’t miss the school work at all.”

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