PCMHA takes on name change

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Putnam County Mental Health Association has gone under a name change.

The organization will now be called Mental Health America of Putnam County.

The not-for-profit is part of a nearly century-old organization, Mental Health America of Indiana, that is the oldest and largest charitable organization -- with more than 50 chapters -- dealing with mental illness and encouraging mental wellness in Indiana.

Mental Health American of Indiana was founded in 1916 and the Mental Health American of Putnam County was founded in 1952.

The manner in which we view and treat mental illness in this country, now as a medical illness, necessitates a more dynamic organization that is reflected in its new name. Mental Health America of Putnam County works in partnership with a broad network of MHA's across Indiana on local, state and national issues to promote mental wellness everywhere people live, work and play, support emotional development of young people, empower people to protect their rights and to direct their own mental health and well-being, and to ensure access to quality mental health care for all everyday and in times of crisis.

The organization stated it could no longer be satisfied as an association of individuals working to improve the lives of persons with mental illness. Rather, it said it has to marshal the strength of America to redirect the resources of its society to make mental wellness a reality in the country.

Mental health is a prominent concern for all as work lives, home lives and world events bring dangers, disappointments and disasters home to all. The organization strives to provide treatment when required, but focuses on prevention and the promotion of wellness. Mental Health America believes the time has come to work together to bring wellness home to all in the state and the country.

It is estimated that more than 60 million Americans, one-fifth of the country's population, annually seek help in working through serious mental conditions. The important first step is to connect to the critical treatment that can help move one to recovery and back to the mainstream of life.

Understanding treatment options and accessing help can be roadblocks for many. Mental Health America will work so that everyone knows the steps to take to experience mental wellness.

For more information on Mental Health America of Putnam County, contact Executive Director Eileen Johnson at 653-3310.

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