Eagles will look to experience for success

Friday, November 16, 2007
Brad Eickhoff
Seth Green


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One thing every wrestling coach must struggle with is numbers -- not simply stats but bodies on the mat. First year head coach Todd Crosby has the opposite problem in some weight classes but hopes for as many of his wrestlers as possible to see action this season.

"With the numbers we have, what we're going to have to do is in the lower weight classes, we'll try to do something for the junior varsity guys. We did the body mass index so they know there are certain weights they can go to and others they can't," Crosby said.

One hole South Putnam must fill is at the 103-weight class. So far it's an open spot but Crosby has a wrestler attempted to bulk up and fill the void.

Helping guide the way for the underclassmen will be seniors Josh Sanders, Andy Peyton, Seth Green, Ben Parker and Brad Eickhoff.

"They're really good leaders," Crosby commented.

Green is an example of what wrestling is about. A senior with extensive experience and a good mentor for the younger wrestlers.

"Seth has put in six years of wrestling and they have a lot of respect for his work ethic. It's a really good core group," Crosby said.

A strength for the Eagles this season will be the time spent on the mats, along with the experience of his veteran wrestlers.

"Working together in practice. Knowing what they're going to need for their meets. You've got your experienced wrestlers helping out the younger wrestlers coming up. The freshmen are finding out it's a little different from the middle school. Having large numbers helps. Gives them some different guys to practice with," Crosby commented.

This was also the topic of discussion when it came to larger school such as Plainsfield, Brownsburg and Avon. Shear numbers give them an advantage by allowing each member to wrestle multiple people, but Crosby has confidence in his team.

An added dimension to the Eagles arsenal is the people that surround the coach. Local wrestlers Jeremy Butler and Josh Myers will join veteran assistant Sam Williams, providing Crosby with a wellspring of knowledge to pull from. An asset in any coach's book. Crosby acknowledged this fact.

"Having the quality of Josh Myers, Jeremy Butler; They did such a great job for the Greencastle program and their still involved with wrestling. Sam Williams has been around the kids for a long time, they really respect him. When he went through South Putnam's program, he was a great shooter, He knew how to get great take downs. So you have these guys they already know and have a lot of respect for them.

"We have a good group of core parents that would be willing to do anything and that helps too," Crosby concluded.

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