Area bowlers compete at the 2007 State Youth Bowling Tournament in Lafayette

Monday, November 19, 2007
Second place finishers in the state bowling competition were (front, from left) Autumn Shoemaker, Megan Friars, Jalyn Duff (Back) Mathew Workman and Brandon Workman.

Fifty youth bowlers of the Greater Greencastle USBC participated in the 2007 State Youth Tournament held in Lafayette.

Bowlers Ray Stinson and Kenny Buchanan placed 3rd in their doubles event and won $100.00 scholarships to use toward their college expenses.

The team of Autumn Shoemaker, Megan Friars, Jalyn Duff, Mathew Workman, and Brandon Workman placed 2nd in their team event.

The duo of Brody Downey and Caleb Phillips placed 4th in their doubles event.

The team consisting of Kenny Buchanan, Matt Cox, Jacob Ensor, Joey Zaborski, and Cody Sheldon placed 8th in their team event.


Alex Alleys has released the standings for its leagues as of Nov. 15.

Church League (Friday)

Team Wins Losses
Bethel Baptist 14214
Bainbridge Christian 13620
Bethel Baptist 23521
New Hope Fellowship2333
Open Hearts2036
Bainbridge Christian 2 1244

High team scratch game -- Bainbridge Christian 2 550

High team scratch series -- Bainbridge Christian 2 1,514

High individual game -- Female: Melinda Heavin 139; Male: Troy Arnold 157

High individual series -- Female: Nancy Nightland 396; Male: Bill Hoke 430

Youth individual game -- Female: Chelsea Kiger 70; Male: Tyler Heavin 117

Youth individual series -- Female: Chelsea Kiger 210; Male: Tyler Heavin 316

Collier Pee Wee Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
VFW Vipers4812
Mark Frisbie Flyers4119
Dixie Chopper Gators3822
VFW Frogs3822
Hopkins Rector Raptors3426
Collier Kangaroos3327
Gayla Schroeder Tigers3030
Haltom Electric Chargers2733

High female scratch game -- Jalyn Duff 86

High female scratch series -- Jalyn Duff 146

High male scratch game -- Brandon Workman 97

High male scratch series -- Brandon Workman 184

W.O.T.M. Bantam Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
Carpenter Real Estate5010
Dixie Chopper Dolphins5010
VFW Buffaloes3822
JL Cline Jewelers Jets3624
Brady's Bombers3525
AJ Electric Shockers3426
Dr. Hennette Blazers3426
Humphries Outdoor Power3030
First National Bank Titans2931
Bittles and Hurt Bats2634
Mason Jewelers Ravens1644
VFW Mustangs1446

High female scratch game -- Britany Doolin 124

High female scratch series -- Britany Doolin 241

High male scratch game -- Reggie Alex 162

High male scratch series -- Reggie Alex 311

Eagle's Junior Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
Colliers Rattlers6614
Sheldon's Gutterrats6416
Lucy's Ladies5525
Alexander's Masonry4832
VFW Warriors4832
Alex Alleys4436
Colliers Sharks4337
Cash Concrete3743
Well's Yankees3743
Hacker's Hooligans3248
Stones Auto Body3050
Bumgardner's Racing2654
VFW Gladiators1862

High female scratch game -- Sarah Tran 188

High female scratch series -- Shayna Wahl 467

High male scratch game -- Kenny Buchanan 213

High male scratch series -- Kenny Buchanan 530

Men's City League (Monday)

Team Wins Losses
Little Dude Ranch7232
Ensor Electric6836
Alexander's Masonry5945
Whisker Biscuits4064
Go Getters3767
Moore's Bar3668

High team scratch game -- Ensor Electric 950

High team scratch series -- Ensor Electric 2,677

High individual game -- Steve Mason 222

High individual series -- Jim Fisher 571

Automotive League (Tuesday)

Team Wins Losses
Koke Sum body6836
Chuck Bond Painting6044
York Automotive6044
Git r' Done5945
JH Young, Attorney5648
Team 125648
The Big Lewbowski5450
J & BJ's Bait & Tackle4856
Ed's Boys4757
Alex Alleys4064
Tucker State Farm Ins.3866
10 Up 10 Down3866
Putnam Archery Sales3767

High team scratch game -- Koke Sum Body 887

High team scratch series -- Koke Sum Body 2,620

High individual game -- Fayne Custis 244

High individual series -- Fayne Custis 626

Sue Cash Memorial League (Wednesday)

Team Wins Losses
Designer's Den7834
Frisbie's Security6646
Family Ties6349
Scared Strikeless6250
Perry Wainman DDS5656
First National Bank5260
Williams Trucking5062
Bowling Moms5062
Strahl Farm Machinery4666
Little Brooklyn Pizza3676

High team scratch game -- Marcy's 678

High team scratch series -- Marcy's 1,940

High individual game -- Marty Giltz 211

High individual series -- Marty Giltz 539

Thursday Morning Mixed (Thursday)

Team Wins Losses

High female scratch game -- Sherry/Bill 381

High female scratch series -- Sherry/Bill 1,401

High male scratch game -- Frosty Brewer 222

High male scratch series -- Rudy Cooper 725

Commercial League (Thursday)

Team Wins Losses
Bowling Juice6646
Alexander's Masonry6250
Sea of B's6052
Stones Body Shop5656
AJ Electric5656
Crazy Pins5260
Auto Shop5161
Payroll Express4864
Putnam Inn4666

High team scratch game -- Alexander's Masonry 958

High team scratch series -- Alexander's Masonry 2,716

High individual game -- Rob Alex 226

High individual series -- Gary Cofer 623

Alex Alley's Ladies (Tuesday)

Team Wins Losses
Farmers Concrete, Inc. 6844
Max Barber Shop6547
Banner Graphic 5953
Bert and Betty's Bowlers5260
Troy's Sings and Graphics5062
Settle's Accounting4072
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