GHS swims past Eagles 106-74; Crimmins earns four wins in GHS?win

Friday, November 30, 2007

Swimmers from Greencastle and South Putnam faced off on Thursday, with the Tiger Sharks coming out on top 106-74, capturing wins in seven events.

South Putnam's Darrick Grundlock took top honors in the 100-yard backstroke durring the Eagles' showdown with Greencastle on Thursday. The Eagles lost the contest 106-74.

The Eagles started the night with a win in the 200-yard medley relay. The team of Darrick Grundlock, Martin Alig, Cory Russell and Clark Becker captured the event with at time of 2:03.15.

"We won that (200-yard) medley relay," South Putnam head coach Joe Condon said. "It was a real good swim by all four guys. Clark Becker came back from about a body-length down and caught the guy and passed him. Those were some impressive swims. I knew once that happened we were going to have some good swims.

"That's a real encouragement that we can still pick it up and we didn't get to practice much yesterday," Condon said.

The Eagles were kept out of the pool due to chemical problems but picked up where it had left off.

South earned four additional first place finishes on the night, with Becker grabbing the 50-yard freestyle in 25.24 and the 100-yard freestyle in a time of 56.78.

Wes Albright paced everyone in the 500-yard freestyle with a time of 6:09.12 and Grundlock was top finisher in the 100-yard backstroke, finishing in 1:09.94.

GHS swimmer Luke Crimmins finished first in the 100-yard butterfly during Thursday's meet with South?Putnam. The Tiger?Cubs defeated the Eagles 106-74.

Luke Crimmins, who collected three wins on the night, paced Greencastle. Crimmins captured the 200-yard IM in a time of 2:17.17 and the 100-yard butterfly with a time of 1:00.23. He was also a member of the 400-yard freestyle relay team, along with Jay Guffey, Ryan Payne and Jesse elkins, who took top honors in a time of 4:03.24.

"It wasn't our best but our team right now is very young and we're searching for an identity," GHS head coach Daniel Bretscher. "A lot of the freshman, I'm trying to what events we're going to put them in right now. I've learned a lot about ourselves tonight about where we're at and where our guys are going to fit in.

"We accomplished some thing tonight," Bretscher observed.

Miles Salman was first in the 200-yard freestyle in a time of 2:04 and Payne paced the field in the 100-yard breaststroke in a time of 1:10.45.

Anthony Paul captured the diving event, with a six-dive total of 148.60. Paul was also a member of the 200-yard freestyle relay team, along with Crimmins, Salman and Austin Woodall, that finished with a time of 1:41.66 to take first place.

"We need some people to step up. We're lacking in some areas and like I said, we have a lot of talent in the freshman class, so we need them to step up right now. We need to find their events and get them there and that will make us better," Bretscher said.

Condon got his team in the right frame of mind before the meet by telling them now to pay attention to the score but to just swim and swim well. The team listened and impressed their coach en route to its 74 point total.

"I was looking at last years best time and the kids that swam last season that are swimming now -- we're almost to their best times already," Condon commented. "That tells me that they want to go fast and their willing to work.

"We got some good leadership on this team. My juniors and seniors are the core of the team and that nice because we have a lot of freshmen that are new to swimming," Condon concluded.

The Eagles will compete at the Indian Creek Invitational at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, while Greencastle will host Bloomington North at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

At South Putnam

Greencaslte 106 South Putnam 74

200 Medley relay -- SP (Grundlock, Alig, Russell, Becker) 2:03.15, GHS (Clute, Kass, Elkins, Sutherlin) 2:05, GHS (Grivas, Woodall, Watson, Phillips) 2:09.89, SP (Whitman, Huck, Gould, Kelly) 2:24.55

200 Freestyle -- Salman (GHS) 2:04, Smiley (SP) 2:04.95, Albright (SP) 2:13.03, Chiarella (GHS) 2:22.14, Davies (SP) 229.46, Hazel (GHS) 2:32.08

200 IM -- Crimmins (GHS) 2:17.17, Stevens (GHS) 2:18.70, Ashcraft (SP) 2:42.41, Grundlock (SP) 2:49.67

50 free -- Becker (SP) 25.24, McKinney (SP) 27.24, Smith (GHS) 27.82, Huck (SP) 29.04, Kass (GHS) 35.85, Phillips (GHS) 36.14

Diving -- Paul (GHS) 148.60, Stodghill (GHS) 100.15, Guffey (GHS) 84.25

100 butterfly -- Crimmins (GHS) 1:00.23, Salman (GHS) 1:04.9, Huck (SP) 1:15.59, Russell (SP) 1:16.05

100 free -- Becker (SP) 56.78, Smiley (SP) 58.66, Elkins (GHS) 58.81, Smith (GHS) 1:03.13, Davies (SP) 1:07.13, Kass (GHS) 1:22.58

500 free -- Albright (SP) 6:09.12, Whiteman (SP) 6:41.09, Watson (GHS) 6:55.02, Hazel (GHS) 6:59.67, Kass (GHS) 7:17.17, Kelly (SP) 7:30.28

200 free relay -- GHS (Paul, Crimmins, Salman, Woodall) 1:41.66, SP (Ashcraft, McKinney, Becker, Smiley) 1:44.89, GHS (Payne, Stevens, Elkins, Smith) 1:45.23, SP (Gould, Huck, Davies, Bowen) 2:02.39, GHS (Campbell, Sanders, Wilson, Kass) 2:23.46, SP (Butts, Arnold, Secrist, Arnold) 2:30.78

100 backstroke -- Grundlock (SP) 1:09.94, Clute (GHS) 1:11.95, Grivas (GHS) 1:17.58, Sutherlin (GHS) 1:20.08

100 breaststroke -- Payne (GHS) 1:10.45, Chiarella (GHS) 1:20.45, Guffey (GHS) 1:20.80, Ashcraft (SP) 1:24.66, Alig (SP) 1:35.6

400 free relay -- GHS (Crimmins, Elkins, Guffey, Payne) 4:03.24, GHS (Stevens, Woodall, Clute, Grivas) 4:04.65, SP (Albright, Russell, Davies, Smiley) 4:21.92, SP (Kelly, Whitman, Gould, Bowen) 4:65.68, GHS (Salman, Sanders, Stodghill, Campbell) 5:12.11, SP (McKinney, Secrist, Arnold, Arnold)

Next meet -- The Eagles will compete at the Indian Creek Invitational at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, while Greencastle will host Bloomington North at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

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