Andy Weatherford competes in regional action for Hoosiers

Friday, May 30, 2008

Greencastle graduate Andy Weatherford will be competing at the Mid East Regional Track competition at the University of Arkansas on Saturday.

Weatherford will be competing in the steeplechase, a 3000-meter race that includes hurdles and water barriers. He will compete against some of the best runners out there -- something he is looking forward to.

"Going into this weekend, I realize that the talent level of the competition is probably the highest I have ever run against, but rather than being intimidated by that, I plan on making the most out of it," Weatherford said. "Running against these guys gives me a chance to really roll and put a fast time out there and establish myself as a contender, hopefully, on the national level."

Weatherford acknowledged that some of the competitors he will be going against are beginning to make names for themselves on a global level. He is taking this into consideration as he plans his strategy for the weekend.

"The strategy for this type of race will be to keep a low profile during the early stages of the race and not get in over my head. In the steeplechase, if the wheels start to come off and you get into trouble out there, usually there isn't any coming back -- it's a pretty unforgiving race."

It will be a busy weekend in the Weatherford house as his sister Laura is going for two state championships the day before. Weatherford joked that his parents were in a bit of a "pickle," but it was a good problem to have. He is also confident that his sister could make some waves at state on Friday.

"Laura has a great shot at doing some pretty huge things this year at state," he said. "She has put in the work throughout her career and it's all finally paying off now. She has a really good shot at medaling in her two events.

"To be able to pull of a double like that at the state level is pretty extraordinary and some special things could happen," Weatherford added.

Weatherford will compete at the Mid East Regional at the University of Arkansas at 8 p.m. Saturday.

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