Letter to the Editor

'Hog wrestling' is unnecessarily cruel

Friday, July 25, 2008

To the editor:

I grew up in Putnam County, participated in 4-H and Junior Leaders, and grew up around my grandfather's hog farm.

Like everyone else, I am always excited about the fair, but I am disappointed in the message our fair promotes. Does anyone out there think that "Hog Wrestling" is an unnecessarily cruel event?

I watched a few YouTube videos online and you can just imagine how terrified an animal is when four grown men jump on top of him dragging and pulling on him until they get him to the barrel. It just sickens me that in 2008 we are treating the very animals that we are showing in 4-H like "things" to play rough games with for our enjoyment.

I thought it was about knowing your breed and learning how to take care of animals, not scare and possibly hurt them.

Julie Gacsko,

New Whiteland