Putnam Scanner for Nov. 6

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sheriff's Department

Several accidents have been reported to the Sheriff's Department the past several days.

The following accidents were reported Oct. 31:

Daniel C. Stevens of Greencastle reported Lana Beck of Bainbridge was passing him during a long straight on County Road 500N. Beck stated she passed because Stevens' load was unstable in the bed of his truck. Stevens did not realize anyone was passing him and drifted over.

Paul Mondary of Cloverdale was northbound on S.R. 243, when a deer entered his path. He didn't see the animal until it was in front of his vehicle. Mondary was unable to avoid a collision and struck the deer with the vehicle's right-front side.

Harry Duncan of Bedford and Jessica Scheel of Bexley, Ohio were traveling northbound on U.S. 231 when Scheel slowed to a stop due to another vehicle making a left turn. Duncan failed to observe Scheel slowing and his vehicle hit the rear of Scheel's vehicle

Georgia Sublette, Putnamville, was exiting the Putnam Hospital's parking lot and did not see oncoming traffic. She hit the side of Douglas Shrader's concrete truck.

Accidents reported on Nov. 1:

Erik Bonawitt of Terre Haute was northbound on 375 W when he struck a tree with the right side of his vehicle. Bonawitt was unfamiliar with the area and unaware of a 90-degree turn.

Michelle Christy of Greencastle was northbound on U.S. 231, when a deer ran in front of her vehicle. She was unable to avoid a collision.

The following accident occurred on Nov. 2:

Roger Fliege of Champaign, Ill., was southbound on U.S. 231 when he observed Candace Brotherton of Brazil traveling on the wrong side of the road. Fliege hit a ditch to avoid a collision with Brotherton, who hit a guardrail. Brotherton said she could not remember anything and thought she was on I-70.

Accidents reported on Nov. 3:

Travis Gray of Fillmore did not see Kathryn Jones of Greencastle stopped and he hit the rear of her vehicle. Gray was sited for being suspended with prior and no insurance. The accident occurred on S. Bloomington Street Road.

Norman Frost of Greencastle was traveling north on U.S. 231, when a deer entered the road. He was unable to avoid a collision. The accident took place on County Road 900N.

Putnam County Jail

Several people have been arrested and booked into the Putnam County Jail from Saturday to Wednesday.

Lydia Coddens, 19, Greencastle, was booked at 1:11 a.m. Saturday for possession of alcohol by a minor, false reporting or informing and furnishing false evidence of identity.

Allen Buis, 31, Spencer, was booked at 2:01 a.m. Saturday for public intoxication, operating while intoxicated and operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Richard Shrout, 33, Greencastle, was booked at 2:47 a.m. Saturday for public intoxication.

Zachary Lightner, 22, Greencastle, was booked at 3:02 a.m. Saturday for public intoxication.

Brian West, 53, Greencastle, was booked at 12:01 a.m. Sunday for battery with bodily injury.

Darren Bunch, 36, Edinburgh, was booked at 1:18 a.m. Sunday for operating while intoxicated, public intoxication and operating per se.

Dustin Saltsman, 27, Indianapolis, was booked at 12:20 p.m. Sunday for operating while suspended or never receiving a license.

Derrick Rogers, 29, Veedersburg, was booked at 9:01 a.m. Monday for probation violation.

Michael Hauser, 31, Sullivan, was booked at 11:57 a.m. Monday for probation violation.

Adam Ray, 24, Cloverdale, was booked at 10:05 p.m. Monday for failure to appear and operating while suspended or never receiving a license.

David Dalton, 20, Oakman, Ala., was booked at 2:42 a.m. Tuesday for possession of alcohol by a minor and operating while intoxicated.

Stephen Johnson, 55, Indianapolis, was booked at 8:46 p.m. Tuesday for operating while intoxicated.

Michael Hollingsworth, 30, Greencastle, was booked at 2:10 a.m. Wednesday for resisting law enforcement, public intoxication, disorderly conduct and battery against law enforcement.