Updated GGUSBC standings announced

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

GGUSBC Standings

(As of 12-10-08)

Bubba Crawley Memorial (Wed.)

Team Wins Losses
Elks Lodge 247169
Cash Concrete228188
Boom Booms214202
Julia's Gang197219
Dixie Choppers176262

High team scratch game-- Elks Lodge 599

High team scratch series-- Elks Lodge 2179

High individual game-- Coy Dickey 256

High individual series-- Coy Dickey 786

Thursday Morning Mixed (Thurs.)

Team Wins Losses
Lois/Ed 7456
Carolyn/Marie 5674

High team scratch game-- Gloria/Rudy 349

High team scratch series-- Gloria/Rudy 1303

High individual game-- Male- Tom Mulrine 205; Female- Lois Bennington 189

High individual series-- Male- Rudy Cooper 748; Female- Shirley Brewer 647

Men's City (Mon.)

Team Wins Losses
Go Getters9145
Little Dude Ranch8254
The Waters8254
Flaming Lips6967
Moore's Bar5086
HMSB Insurance34102

High team scratch game-- The Waters 896

High team scratch series-- The Waters 2581

High individual game-- Doug Strahl 236

High individual series-- Doug Strahl 659

Sue Cash Memorial (Wed.)

TeamWins Losses
Designer's Den12230
Family Ties9260
Marcy's 9062
Rock N Bowl8666
Bowling Moms8666
The Whole Fam-Damily7973
Dixie Chopper Air7280
Max's Barber Shop6686
Amigas 6389
Perry Wainman, DDS6092
Bert & Betty's Bowlers5993
William's Trucking37115

High team scratch game-- Marcy's 656

High team scratch series-- Marcy's 1881

High individual game-- Diane Waggoner 209

High individual series-- Christa Duff 526

Automotive (Tues.)

Team Wins Losses
All or Nothing8848
Alex Alleys8452
Bourne Farms7264
York Automotives7264
Dave's Heating7066
Putnam Archery Sales7066
Tucker State Farm Ins.6076
J & BJ's Bait Shop5779
J.H. Young, Lawyer5581
Mason's Jewelry5284

High team scratch game-- York Automotive 974

High team scratch game-- All or Nothing 2751

High individual game-- Charles Alex 243

High individual series-- Steve Mason 641

Seniour's Towing (Mon.)

Team Wins Losses
Troy's Signs & Graphics9046
Mill Pond8848
York Family Auto7264
The Old Timers6967
The Y. Nots6670
Cycle Mamas6175
Williams Body Shop5680
Abstract & Tide4096

High team scratch game-- The Old Timers 623

High team scratch series-- The Old Timers 1833

High individual game-- Susan Trahan 192

High individual series-- Susan Trahan 513

Putnam County High School Girls (Thurs.)

Team Wins
South Putnam37
North Putnam21

High individual game-- Shayna Wahl 176

High individual series-- Shayna Wahl 339

Putnam County High School Boys

Team Win
Greencastle 103
South Putnam 66
North Putnam54

High individual game-- Jacob Ensor 211

High individual series-- Jacob Ensor 413

Commercial (Thurs.)

Team Wins Losses
A.J. Electric8955
Alexander's Masonry8658
Bowling Juice8658
Scrapyard 8064
Wilson Eng.7470
Payroll Express6876
Putnam Inn 6678
Stone's Body Shop6678
Spack Daddy's Homies6480
Crazy Pins41103

High team scratch game-- Alexander's Masonry 999

High team scratch series-- Alexander's Masonry 2873

High individual game-- Jack Sowash 259

High individual series-- Jack Sowash 690

Collier's PeeWee Youth (Sat.)

Team Wins Losses
VFW Vipers6915
St. Vincent's Physicians6618
Tucker's State Farm Ins.6519
Collier's Cats5727
Bittles & Hurt Bats5628
Mason Jeweler's Cardinals 4836
First National Bank Owls4836
Moose Lodge4737
Ensor Electric Shockers4539
Pappa Collier's Girls3747

High team scratch game-- Tucker's State Farm Ins. 200

High team scratch series-- Tucker's State Farm Ins. 1353

High individual game-- Male- Marcus Robinson 71; Female Victoria Honey 87

High individual series-- Male-Marcus Robinson 128; Female- Victoria Honey 153

WOTM Bantam Youth (Sat.)

Team Wins Losses
Putnam Inn Pumas7410
Jameson Coffee Grinders6816
A.J. Hacker's Bulldogs6222
Certified Auto Exchange6024
Dixie Chopper Gators5232
S&W Masonry Frogs5034
William's Custom Caulking 4836
VFW Vikings4836
Elks Lodge 10774440

High team scratch game-- Putnam Inn Pumas 545

High team scratch series-- Putnam Inn Pumas 1,079

High individual game-- Male- Luke Brotherton 154; Female - Megan Friars 104

High individual series-- Male-Luke Brotherton 282; Female- Jalyn Duff 187

Eagles Junior Youth (Sat.)

Team Wins Losses
Lucille's Seals7636
Sheldon's Gutter Rats7438
Alexander's Masonry6745
Moose Lodge6745
A.J. Electric Voltage6448
Hibbett's Sports6250
Carpenter Reality5854
Cline's Jewelry5458
Dr. Wainman Fillings5260
Dr. Boatright's Molars4270
Dixie Chopper4072
Dave Well's Yankees3676
Ladies Eagles2884

High team scratch game-- Sheldon's Gutter Rats 815

High team scratch series-- Sheldon's Gutter Rats 2325

High individual game-- Male- Reggie Alex 237; Female -- Shauna Wahl 160

High individual series-- Male- Reggie Alex 628; Female- Shayna Wahl 456

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