Letter to the Editor

Take a veteran fishing

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

To the Editor:

In your area of the state, I am trying to raise some interest in my Bass Club.

We are adopting a program titled, "Take a Vet Fishing." We are taking veterans from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom fishing out on Glen Flint and Cataract Lakes.

You know, starting a club that takes interest in that requires just a little help from the community, and in most attempts I've received some help. However, most of your big name brand fishing equipment companies couldn't care less about the end user of their product or the brave men and women who serve who allow them (the manufacturer) to sell their product in the first place!

If anyone in your coverage area would be interested in helping us out this year with some light gear (rods, reels, line and other incidentals) or wants join us and take a hero fishing, please let us know.


Johnny Sons


Sons can be contacted at hoosierflatbottoms@gmail.com or (317) 753-8454.