County Commissioners change pigeon control

Saturday, March 7, 2009

County commissioners Kristina Warren and Gene Beck on Friday approved a request from County Planner Kim Hyten to change the company performing pigeon control at the courthouse.

Charter Services will take over getting the pigeon problem at the courthouse under control. He takes over the contract from ARAB, which was sent a notice over a month ago that their services were being terminated.

Hyten stated there were a couple of reasons for the termination of the contract, including the problem of controlling the pigeons not being done and an increase in cost from the original amount agreed upon.

Charter will charge a $450 initial service fee and $100 per month for control. They currently provide this service at the Putnam County Jail and received a positive recommendation from Sheriff Steve Fenwick.

Arab was paid a startup fee of $475 and originally agreed to provide services for $125 a month. After being contacted because the problem was not being addressed properly, they increased their fee to $115 every two weeks.

"We really have a problem on the south side of the building," Hyten said. "The canopy is probably ruined. We're going to try to clean it but don't think it will work."

In a letter of recommendation to the commissioners, Fenwick wrote, "We will continue to ask Steve Moore to provide this service because of the outstanding job we have come to expect from this Charter Services. We here at the Putnam County Sheriff's Department give an exceptional referral for Mr. Moore and Charter Services."

Hyten also gave commissioners two bids for replacing the steps on the west side of the courthouse.

Super Crete, Inc. offered a bid of $10,750 with an additional option of $2,500 to remove the sidewalk and re pour it to the corner.

S & W Masonry, LLP gave a bid of $29,871 for the initial work and $2,361 for the optional sidewalk. Commissioners tabled the bid until the next meeting.

"Repairs to the roof of the courthouse should be completed soon," said Hyten. "The new tower will be going up over the next weekend and final roof repairs should take about ten more days after that, weather permitting."

Commissioners appointed Putnam County 911 Director Dave Costin to serve as a voting member of the District Planning Council for Indiana Homeland Security District 7.

They also heard a request from Carrie Cox with Family Support Services to allow blue ribbons representing Child Abuse Prevention to be placed on county vehicles and outside the offices in the courthouse. She was also given permission to mount a display on the courthouse lawn.

Commissioners will sign a proclamation for Child Abuse Prevention Week with Greencastle Mayor Sue Murray at an upcoming meeting.

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