Letter to the Editor

Thanks for help in a time of great need

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To the Editor:

On Sunday, March 8, our beautiful home burned to the ground while we were at church. Lightning took our home, in less than 2 hours it was gone. Our oldest daughter Mischa called us from church and we rushed home to find that it was pretty much out of control. We met our children, parents and family to see our dreams go up in smoke. We were so heart broken, so devastated. We have lived there since October 17, 1972. Our oldest daughter Mischa was 2 years old, then in 1976 & 1977 we were blessed with Michele and Michael.

Our old farmhouse was a 16-room home built at the turn of the century and had lots and lots of memories for Mike and I. Our kids, grandkids, family, friends and our kids friends.

We would like to say our family owes a great amount of appreciation and thank yous to so many that we will never ever be able to repay or thank everyone enough. We also owe such a great appreciation and thank you to the fire fighters from Waveland, Russellville and New Market, and also all of the volunteers who just showed up to help out. Then there are our family and friends, so many to mention who immediately started getting our medicines, clothes and so many other things taken care of that was the farthest thing from our minds at the time. It was so amazing to see so many people, friends, neighbors and some we didn't even know just stop and help, hug us and just give us money because they said we might need it later. Wow, people were so amazing. Just jumping in trying to save something for us, but the wind was so strong and it was such a hot fire.

Our pastors were amazing that day. Pastor Jim and Kathi Elliott trying to keep us calm and holding on to our faith. There are so many special people I don't want to miss anyone, you all know who you are so God Bless You and thank you. A special thanks to Lorma Hale, Janice Vietti, Andrew Winn, Tammy Donahue, Susie Calvert, Brenda Jones, Lisa Condor and girls, our daughters, our sons, our parents, Waveland Community, Russellville Community Church and Community Center, both of which put on benefits to raise money for us. The surrounding community was also great, we cannot name everyone there were so many. You are all in our hearts everyday and we will never forget all you have done and are still doing for us. There were so many unnamed donations also-money, food, clothing. Thank you.

It was so amazing, when we got up that morning it was like any other Sunday morning, but we took my mom to church. It was her birthday that week and we had plans to meet dad, grampie and the grandkids for lunch and how fast your life can change, in an instant, so I would like to say, Always enjoy everyday as your last, because you never know, and we just lost stuff, yes it was our stuff of 38 years, but no one was home and wasn't hurt, not the fire fighters or anyone else. So we still all have each other and our children and grandchildren and a home can be where ever you make it and we believe God has another plan for us on this next journey.

God Bless Everyone,

With Love,

Mike & Yvonne Simpson