Updated GGUSBC standing announced

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bowling Standing

As of 4/7/09

Bubba Crawley Memorial League

Teams Wins Losses
Elks Lodge451349
Cash Concrete 433367
Boom Booms425375
Sand Baggers379421
Julia's Gang376424
Dixie Choppers340482

High Team Scratch Game -- Elks Lodge 680

High Team Scratch Series -- Elks Lodge 2394

High Individual Game -- Walt Marshall 246

High Individual Series -- Walt Marshall 849

Commercial League

Teams Wins Losses
Alexander's Masonry148100
AJ Electric147101
Bowling Justice146102
Payroll Express134114
5 pack Daddy's Homies 128120
Putnam Inn120128
Wilson Energy118130
Stones Body Shop98150
Crazy Pin77171

Thursday Morning Mixed League

Teams Wins Losses
Edythel / Stan15991
Susie / Charlie15595
Glorial / Rudy142108
Laural/ Frosty136114
Sandy/ JC134116
Chris/ Shirley132118
Gerrie/ Carl132118
Carolyn/ Marie122128
Sharlene/ Bill109141

High Team Scratch -- Sandy/ JC 365

High Team Scratch Series -- Sandy /JC 1357, Female Lois Bennington 187

High Individual Game -- Male Bill Tesmer 210, Female Shirley Brewer 664

High Individual Series -- Male JC Sutherland 774

Seniors Towing League

Teams Wins Losses
York Family Auto156100
Mill Pond153103
Troys Signs & Graphics 151105
The Old Timers134122
The Y-Nots116140
Cycle Mamas116140
Williams Body Shop100156
Abstract & Title90166

High Team Scratch Game -- The Old Timers 661

High Team Scratch Series -- The Old Timers 1926

High Individual Game -- Carla Seniour 205

High Individual Series -- Carla Seniour 603

Automotive League

Teams Wins Loses
All or Nothing14892
J & BJ Bait Shop14199
York Automotive136104
Dave's Heating136104
Alex Alleys127113
Putnam Archery Sales 127113
Bourne Farms105135
J.H. Young, Lawyer99141
Tucker's State Farm Ins. 97143
Mason's Jewelry84156

High Team Scratch Game -- J & BJ Bait Shop 961

High Team Scratch Series -- J & BJ Bait Shop 2790

High Individual Game -- Fayne Custis 245

High Individual Series -- Fayne Custis 666

Designer's Den League

Team Wins Losses
Designer's Den17870
Family Ties15692
Rock N Bowl15098
Dixie Chopper Air127121
Bowling Moms124124
The Whole Fam-Damily117131
Perry Wainman, DDS 104144
Max's Barber Shop101147
Bert & Betty's Bowlers 94154
Williams Trucking92156

High Team Scratch Game -- Family Ties 651

High Team Scratch Series -- Designer's Den 1872

High Individual Score -- Donna Dale 205

High Individual Series -- Donna Dale 553

Men's City League

Team Wins Losses
Little Dude Ranch16393
The Waters16294
Go Getters153103
Flaming Lips119137
Moore's Bar113143
HMSB Ins.58198

High Team Scratch Game -- The Waters 1023

High Team Scratch Series -- The Waters 2869

High Individual Game -- Gene Ensor 258

High Individual Series -- Gene Ensor 673