Letter to the Editor

Unmowed roadsides are a hazard

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To the Editor:

The State Highway Department has mowed on SR 42 only one time this summer.

And if you notice, a lot of the landowners have had to do their own roadsides.

They have only been on mowers with no weed eating getting done at all.

I am assuming that the state employees are not allowed to weed eat because of it being actual work. Maybe someone could send some of our prisoners out with a weed eater, or is that too much for them also?

One of the many areas I am referring to is the junction of SR 42 and CR 775E. The weeds are so high along the highway that it is difficult to see traffic coming on the highway.

This is not a beautification request but one that is of a safety issue. This is very dangerous and needs attention immediately before there is a major accident or death.

Anita J. McEnulty