Recycling can help food pantry

Thursday, December 17, 2009

GREENCASTLE -- Over the last three months, the Banner Graphic was able to donate nearly $450 to the Putnam County Emergency Food Pantry thanks to the recycle bins in their parking lot.

"For people who already give to the food pantry this is another way they can contribute. Just bring your paper products to the Retriever paper bins in the back corner of the Banner parking lot," said Machelle Whitney, with the Banner Graphic.

Using the recycle bins is also a great way to get rid of all those holiday catalogs and mailings along with your newspapers, magazines, school and office papers and junk mail.

"Holiday catalogs and circulars are made from heavyweight paper and can help earn extra dollars by adding to the weight during the holiday season," added Whitney.

Gift wrapping paper or tissue paper cannot be put in the recycle bins due to the high content of coloring that it takes to make these types of paper.

"It's very hard to remove that color during the recycling process," explained Whitney.

Last year, non-profit organizations raised over a quarter of a million dollars for community outreach programs and recycled more than 15,000 tons. Additionally, recycling benefits the environment by helping to reduce landfill use. It also saves water and energy.

Paper placed in the Retriever bin is sent directly to paper mills and is remanufactured into newsprint within a few weeks of collection.

For information about recycling paper products to raise money for the Food Pantry, call the Banner Graphic at 653-5151.

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