Letter to the Editor

Congregation, community should offer forgiveness

Friday, December 18, 2009

To the Editor:

Would it not be something if, in the name of Jesus Christ, the local church, and the community, forgave the woman who stole from them?

She must have been a pretty good secretary for about five years? Instead of sending her to prison, why not give her back the job with a way she can repay the money she stole, no doubt in some kind of fear or pain we all share as brothers and sisters in spirit?

It must be so hard to earn money in jail! Is not forgiveness, not condoning or punishing but forgiveness, the path of every Christian? Especially with those we live with every day!

What a message for the spirit of Christ if they welcomed this woman and her family back into the fold!

God bless! And help us to forgive ... ourselves and each other!

Marian Patience Harvey