Letter to the Editor

New garbage service is discriminatory

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To the Editor:

The city of Greencastle has implemented a new trash pick up service.

They delivered two trashcans per household, and one of the cans is for recycle trash only.

My problem is, there is no way one can for trash will hold enough for my large family. I called the Greencastle utility office and they informed me that it will cost me $1 per bag for any extra trash that will not fit in that can.

So basically, it will probably cost me an additional $3 per week for them to pick up three more bags.

My family is large, and we used to put out three full cans of trash (which would be nine bags total).

With the new system, it will cost me an additional $12 per month to get rid of our trash.

I encourage anyone else who will have this problem to call the mayor's office at 653-3100 and let them know your opinion. I did.

If enough people call, maybe they will do something about this. This is ridiculous! It is like the city is discriminating against large families.

Shelley French