Letter to the Editor

Could Lilly Center be opened to the public?

Friday, September 3, 2010

To the Editor:

I recently read an article in the Banner about a group that is working with DePauw to enhance community relations.

I have long believed a step that DePauw could take as a "reaching out" gesture could be to open the Lilly Center to the local area.

I am not proposing a "freebie," but perhaps offering family passes. Because Putnam County does not have a YMCA or similar facility, many families could enjoy the swimming pool, and other sports and recreational equipment at Lilly.

If offering the facility during the school session is not feasible, then perhaps during the summer months that it sits idle or during the long winter break would be.

Although having the students and the community mingle could be a plus for all sides as well. Of course, offering free passes that might have to include signing a "no-liability" document could be an even better gesture.

Could this be an idea for the committee to consider?

Patricia Kirby