New reading event at PCPL aimed at kids of all ages

Saturday, September 4, 2010

GREENCASTLE -- Parents and children looking for a bonding activity can now look forward to The Putnam County Public Library's (PCPL) Family Time every Tuesday at 7 p.m., starting this Tuesday.

Family Time is a new reading event at the PCPL. Cortina Ziuchkovski, a children's librarian who runs the event, said "Going on a Bear Hunt" will be the first book read.

In addition to reading the story, Ziuchkovski said there would be arts and crafts at the reading, such as making bear masks and playing as bears.

"I wanted to do really simple activities that parents could copy at home pretty easily," Ziuchkovski said.

Ziuchkovski said she uses her time in schools talking with children to help determine what books to read.

"I like to pick choices that are really popular with kids," she said.

Family Time is an expansion of the library's Thursday reading time. The Thursday reading times are held throughout the day, with different times aimed at different age brackets.

Ziuchkovski said that this reading program was designed to help families who have some difficulty coming to the Thursday readings.

"We had a lot of families who couldn't come to the Thursday events during the day because of their work schedule," Ziuchkovski said. "We also had some families that have different aged kids and couldn't decide which event to come to. Now we're hoping that they won't have to decide."

Ziuchkovski said she hopes reading events like this will expand the view people have of the library.

"We want people to think of the library as a place where things happen, not just a place where you get shushed at a lot," she said.

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