Letter to the Editor

Neighbors want to maintain tranquility

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To the Editor:

Americans for Domestic Tranquility is a group of rural Greencastle neighbors who have banded together to protect our right for peace on our land. A gun club is trying to change our zoning from A1 (farming) to A2 (business) to allow their operation in our neighborhood (Greencastle Rd. and 825W at Brunerstown). We will not stand by and let this happen.

Being a good steward to the land is an important job. We must protect its purity from human contamination whenever possible. If this club becomes a reality, many of our long-term stewards will leave.

The pure sound of nature without intrusion from traffic, sirens, trains, planes, human voices and, yes, gunfire is getting scarce. We have all worked too long and hard on this land to now lose the first basic quality we purchased the land for -- quiet.

There are many disturbing threats from this particular business that must be investigated in depth before any other steps are taken:

1. Lead contamination of our soil and water systems protecting our wells.

2. Impact on our farm animals production and wildlife population.

3. Decrease in property values due to noise and other pollutants.

4. Increase in trespassing and hunting on our private lands.

5. Stray bullets threat to our families, children and animals.

If we do not safeguard our rights and freedoms, we will lose them. Join us for the next zoning meeting, and if you have any information on these subjects please call Kace at 653-5031.

Kathryn Huber