Sycamore Trails honors two Putnam woodland owners

Thursday, April 14, 2011
Paul Hoopengarner receives a woodland award from Dr. Bev Pestel, vice president of Sycamore Trails RC & D.

Putnam County woodland owners Brian Gilmartin and Paul Hoopengarner have been honored by Sycamore Trails Resource Conservation and Development Council (STRCD) for promoting woodland stewardship.

Brian and Linda Gilmartin, who own property west of Cloverdale, have been active in managing their woodlot using sustainable forestry practices. Brian has been on the STRCD Board of Directors since 2003 and is an active Forestry Committee member.

In August 2010, STRCD was awarded the deed to a 123-acre woods in Vigo County, just northwest of Terre Haute. The property was deeded to STRCD by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and never would have happened without Brian Gilmartin.

Brian Gilmartin (right) receives a woodland award from Jeremiah Lemmons, Sycamore Trails RC & D Forestry Committee chairman.

Before retiring and moving to Putnam Country, he was a lawyer in New York. Brian volunteered numerous professional hours on behalf of STRCD in coming to an agreement with TNC for the transfer and management of the woods. The value of Gilmartin's work will pay dividends to the community into the future, an organization spokesman said, since STRCD committees will utilize the property to provide environmental educational opportunities to west-central Indiana citizens.

Paul Hoopengarner was honored for being an active participant with STRCD's Forestry Committee since 1982.

Hoopengarner has been a steadfast supporter of sustainable forestry practices by participating in workdays in which Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) was completed in the woods. The STRCD Forestry Committee provides TSI services to landowners in an effort to provide educational field days to the public and as a fundraiser for the committee. Hoopengarner's contribution to these efforts have been considered immeasurable, STRCD officials said.

Paul and Pat Hoopengarner own property in Putnam County. In 1981 they entered 75 acres into the Classified Forest Program and have been actively managing their forest by performing Timber Stand Improvement practices. They also are in the Tree Farm Program.

Sycamore Trails Resource Conservation and Development Council Inc. honored the two woodlands owners as a part of a celebration of its 40-year anniversary. Individuals are being honored either for their service to the council or for practicing the principles upon which the council is based: Respecting nature. Conserving resources. Developing communities.

STRC&D is a non-profit volunteer organization established in 1970 to help people care for, conserve and develop natural, human and economic resources in a way that will improve the environment, economy and standard of living in west-central Indiana.

Gilmartin and Hoopengarner were honored with a Certificate of Appreciation and a tree to be planted at the place of their choosing. Woody Warehouse and Nucor Steel were responsible for the donation of the trees.

Anyone who would like more information about STRC&D may visit or call the office at 653-9785.

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