GHS breezes by West Vigo

Friday, April 15, 2011

Greencastle defeated West Vigo 204-302 Thursday night at the aptly named Windy Hill Country Club.

A stiff 15 mile per hour crosswind blew shots around from the beginning of the match, causing problems for the golfers through the final hole. Off the first tee, all four golfers in the initial foursome struggled to find the fairway. The home pair, Brad Haussin and Alec Davis, was able to capitalize despite the poor approach. Each salvaged a par and together helped set the tone for the remainder of the match.

The fourth hole at Windy Hill lived up to expectations as the most difficult for the visiting squad. Greencastle used their home course advantage to increase their lead drastically, averaging a par there for the event. West Vigo struggled, falling 18 shots behind on the fourth alone.

Haussin's match-best score of 38 was capped by a truly impressive ninth hole. Managing to turn the dog-leg, his second shot was a near perfect approach that spun gracefully towards the pin, stopping just three feet away. A simple tap in was all that was needed to complete the birdie, his first of the night.

Greencastle's Jimmy Wheeler tallied a 39, good enough for the second best score overall. His teammates Alec Davis, Luke Brotherton, and Tanner Dean all managed identical 41s. Raymond Stinson rounded out the group with a 45.

West Vigo struggled mightily with the unfamiliar extreme topographical fluctuations, and their scores reflected that. Brandon Blystone had a team best 56, Jeff Anderson recorded a 57, Nick Brownfield had a 60, Lucas Sweatt shot a 63, and Joe Gray managed a 66.

Greencastle golf tees off again Saturday at noon for the Mustang Invitational.