Arnold leads Cloverdale to five-point victory

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Cloverdale boys' golf team edged Sullivan to win a four-way meet with the Golden Arrows, Owen Valley and White River Valley Thursday. CHS scored 164 to Sullivan's 169 to capture the match.

Medalist Chris Arnold led the Clovers with a 36, followed closely by Gary Williams with a 38. Sam Jordan scored 42, with Aaron Whitlock carding a 48, Zach Hall a 50 and Mike Matthews a 56.

Cloverdale head coach Doug Wokoun was pleased with Arnold and Williams' round and liked how Jordan began his round.

"Chris bounced back with a terrific effort," he said. "He just missed an eagle putt on the first hole and that really got him started. His round had a few ups and downs, but he played very well. It had been a pretty tough week before this, and he worked very hard to get his game back on track.

"Gary had a fantastic effort. We knew he was capable of shooting a low score, but he had been struggling with consistency. He finally broke through and has really stepped up. Sam had a season full of hard luck over the last week, but he chipped in on the first hole and used that to start a round that is much more indicative of his ability. It is really great to see him break through."

The Clovers have been without Ryan Book and Wokoun said he's looking forward to the strikers return soon. He also noted the team had as with other teams, to deal with some unstable weather lately. More importantly though, his team is starting to come into its own.

"We missed important guys all week for different reasons and still were able to persevere and complete the effort. We are starting to feel pretty good about who we are and what we might be able to accomplish," Wokoun said.

Cloverdale (9-4) travels to Clay City Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.

At Cloverdale

Cloverdale 164, Sullivan 169, Owen Valley 178, White River Valley 232

Individual Scoring

Medalist -- Arnold (CHS) 36

Cloverdale -- Arnold 36, Williams 38, Jordan 42, Whitlock 48, Hall 50, Matthews 56

Owen Valley -- Worland 44, Patterson 44, Waggoner 44, Jackson 46, Winkler 48, Ranard 52

White River Valley -- Crowe 55, Hershaman 55, Juhas 60, Wines 62, Barnett 65, Roudebush 66