Cougars, Eagles fall to Bruins

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ROACHDALE -- North Putnam and South Putnam got their girls' swimming seasons underway Monday night as both competed against Tri-West at North Putnam High School.

The meet was scored as three separate dual meets, with Tri-West winning against both the Cougars and the Eagles, while the Eagles beat the Cougars.

The Bruins took first place in all twelve events during the meet, with South Putnam securing five second place finishes. North Putnam placed as high as third twice in the meet.

For South Putnam, being led by first year head coach Matthew Edwards, the meet was a good opening to the season.

"This was awesome, way better than we expected. We tried a lot of new things and most of the team was swimming new events this time around. I think in every case they superseded our expectations," Edwards said.

"They took each event on as if they'd swam it for several years and I think the results definitely showed that. They all had a really good meet."

Fellow first year head coach Tony Grey said his North Putnam squad was positive in their first meet of the year.

"The girls competed really hard. We're rebuilding the program. We finished last year with two girls. This year we've got 11 out so far. Everyone's working hard and set personal bests over our mock meet last week," Grey said.

"This was a team effort tonight. Everyone worked really hard and the girls really rooted each other on. I was pleased with the effort this evening."

South Putnam receives little rest as they travel to Greencastle tonight. Edwards said the meet will put some perspective in place for the squad.

"(Tuesday), we swim Greencastle. They're a tough team. We're confident that we're going to put up a tough fight. We're practicing in the morning before the meet to get nice and loose," Edwards said,

"These meets are to see where we stand, anyway. I think there's going to be an obvious difference in the way we competed last year versus this year."

North Putnam will be in action again next Tuesday when, along with the boys' squad, the Cougars face Southmont.

"Southmont won the boys' sectional last year so they have a lot of fire power. I'm not as familiar with the girls' side but we really can't be concerned with the teams we're swimming against," Grey said.

"We have to worry about lowering the stop watch, setting personal bests and as long as we do that, we're going to be just fine," he added.

At North Putnam

South Putnam 118, North Putnam 57; Tri-West 125, South Putnam 70; Tri-West 130, North Putnam 45

200 Yard Medley -- 1. Tri-West (Hagemier, McCalley, Jones, Kahl) 2:06.76; 2. Tri-West (Truax, Hake, Wolf, Krieg) 2:21.73; 3. South Putnam (Deszi, Beasley, Farmer, Cox) 2:24.62; 4. North Putnam (Wolf, Harper, Byrd, Muse) 2:29.17; 5. South Putnam (Boetjer, Kiste, Trisler, Shaw) 2:38.77

200 Free -- 1. Craft (T) 2:30.77; 2. Sheets (T) 2:30.78; 3. Wilson (SP) 2:49.86; 4. Alford (NP) 2:55.22; 5. Livesay (NP) 3:14.52; 6. Kelley (SP) 3:31.02

200 IM -- 1. Jones (T) 2:22.65; 2. Hagemier (T) 2:55.06; 3. Beasley (SP) 2:57.32; 4. Kiste (SP) 3:34.82; 5. Muse (NP) 3:36.21

50 Free -- 1. Kahl (T) 29.14; 2. Wolf (T) 29.42; 3. Farmer (SP) 29.97; 4. Harper (NP) 31.79; 5. Shaw (SP) 37.10; 6. Miles (NP) 37.59

Diving -- 1. Dickerson (T) 211.50; 2. Warden (T) 127.15; 3. Sullivan (SP) 112.05; 4. Daniels (SP) 83.15

100 Butterfly -- 1. Hake (T) 1:22.52; 2. Trisler (SP) 1:30.87; 3. Sheets (T) 1:35.02; 4. Shaw (SP) 2:03.06

100 Free -- 1. McCalley (T) 1:01.67; 2. Wolf (T) 1:06.39; 3. Cox (SP) 1:07.59; 4. Farmer (SP) 1:07.99; 5. Byrd (NP) 1:08.24; 6. Muse (NP) 1:17.49

500 Free -- 1. Jones (T) 5:33.28; 2. Deszi (SP) 6:41.53; 3. Craft (T) 7:07.64; 4. Wilson (SP) 7:33.27; 5. Livesay (NP) 8:41.07

200 Free Relay -- 1. Tri-West (Kahl, Wolf, Krieg, Sheets) 2:02.34; 2. South Putnam (Cos, Beasley, Trisler, Farmer) 2:03.03; 3. Tri-West (Truax, Hake, Cavender, Craft) 2:06.96; 4. North Putnam (Harper, Alford, Moore, Byrd) 2:16.11; 5. South Putnam (Boetjer, Kelley, Gerhardus, Wilson) 2:42.79

100 Back -- 1. Hagemier (T) 1:23.72; 2. Cox (SP) 1:25.48; 3. Truax (T) 1:25.56; 4. Boetjer (SP) 1:31.41; 5. Wolf (NP) 1:51.08; 6. Volland (NP) 2:02.54

100 Breast -- 1. McCalley (T) 1:15.66; 2. Hake (T) 1:30.63; 3. Harper (NP) 1:37.74; 4. Kiste (SP) 1:43.01; 5. Gerhardus (SP) 2:09.55

400 Free Relay -- 1. Tri-West (Jones, Sheets, Kahl, McCalley) 4:21.37; 2. South Putnam (Beasley, Boetjer, Trisler, Deszi) 5:04.98; 3. North Putnam (Alford, Muse, Wolf, Byrd) 5:30.09; 4. Tri-West (Settlemoir, Hott, Smith, Krieg) 5:38.48; 5. North Putnam (Moore, Volland, Miles, Livesay) 5:56.07; 6. South Putnam (Kelley, Gerhardus, Kiste, Wilson) 6:39.26

Next meets -- South Putnam travels to Greencastle Tuesday at 6:00 PM. North Putnam travels to Southmont next Tuesday at 6 p.m.