Letter to the Editor

Lady Tigers stand as role models, even in defeat

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To the Editor:

I am writing in regard to the storyline and pictures about the DePauw Lady Tigers' loss featured on the front page of the March 5, 2012 issue of the Banner Graphic.

While I realize that some media outlets capitalize on the misfortunes and misery of others to sensationalize their stories, I was dismayed to open the Banner Graphic to see the "Wide World of Sports ..." headline using pictures of DePauw seniors Katie Aldrich and Kathryn Denbow moments after an emotional loss as examples of the "agony of defeat."

These ladies (and the entire Lady Tigers basketball team and coaching staff) deserve better. I don't know Kathryn Denbow, but Katie Aldrich is in my class this semester. She epitomizes the student-athlete. She brings her hard work, focus, and determination to the classroom, and has successfully managed to balance being a science major, a university advocate for environmental sustainability, and a varsity athlete (to name a few of her many activities).

If you were fortunate to have watched Katie play basketball for her four years at DePauw, you would quickly realize that the "retreat" description in the photo caption was not only unflattering, but inaccurate. Katie has been a solid anchor in the middle and has done nothing but play hard, set screens, grab rebounds, defend the basket and score when called upon. She is a competitor and a classy young lady. It is unfortunate that the Banner Graphic chose to highlight one of her less composed moments on the front page.

The Lady Tigers should be recognized not only for the effort that they put forth in their game against Carthage, but also for an outstanding 27-2 season and for all of the things they do for the community throughout the year. These young ladies are a pleasure to watch. They hustle. They play defense. They talk. They cheer for each other. They are a great team in every sense of the word.

Kris Huffman's ladies should be role models for every Putnam County basketball team not only for their actions on the court, but also for their leadership and activities off the court as well.

Thank you for a great season, Katie, Kathryn, Kris and the other Lady Tigers.

Scott Wilkerson

DePauw University