North Putnam board decides to take chance on open market

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The North Putnam School Board heard from Dough Henderson of Co-Alliance in an effort to help them make a decision on whether to buy fuel on the open market or to lock in a price with the company.

Henderson advised the board to look at its current budget to help make a decision.

"Fuel is really weighing heavily on everyone," said Henderson. "It's not a supply driven market right now, it's a fear driven one."

The corporation, which typically purchases around 50,000 gallons a year, decided to take its chances and not lock itself into a contract right now. The board however agreed to watch the market prices and will possibly turn to locking in a fuel price in the future of prices were to change.

It was a meeting filled with celebration as the board honored students for their most recent accomplishments.

At the beginning of the board meting, the Bainbridge Elementary School Math Bowl team was celebrated for placing first in the Math Bowl area competition and fourth in the state. Roachdale Elementary's Math Bowl was also honored for placing second in the competition and placing fifth in the state.

North Putnam High School students who attend Area 30 were honored for their various awards they won at the World of Wheels competition. All students received certificates of accomplishments.

In an effort to try to provide more sports opportunities for middle school students, the board as well as administrators are working toward adding official baseball, softball and soccer teams to the middle school.

There are currently unofficial baseball and softball teams. But without the school sponsorship there are added costs and limited practice spaces.

"We want them to give them an opportunity to play and incorporate them into the school corporation," said board president Debbie Sillery. "This would be an opportunity for students to get involved earlier which may lead to better varsity teams."

However, many including the current coaching staff is worried about the lack of space for the additional teams.

It was suggested that instead of using money on forming new teams, the money could be used for improving the exisiting sports programs instead.

The board has not yet made a decision on if and when the teams would be added, but will continue discussion during future meetings.

Debbie Carrico presented the board with the results of a survey which was conducted through the corporation's website. The survey was used as a tool to gauge how interested people would be in a summer lunch program.

Although, the survey ran for two weeks, it showed few results.

"We had eight people say yes and 12 say no," said Carrico. "I know there is a need out there for this program. There are kids coming to school hungry."

However, due to the lack of results the board decided to deny the motion to accept the summer lunch program.

Superintendent Mary Sugg Lovejoy reminded the board and community that the next Cougar Pantry will be held on March 21, from 4:40-6:30 p.m. in room 125 at North Putnam Middle School.

"North Putnam has high and intense areas of poverty," said Lovejoy.

Gleaners Food Bank-Mobile Food Pantry will also be at Life Spring Church, at the corner of 231 and 400 N or 5038 N. U.S. 231 on April 14 from 10 a.m.- noon.

After making a few revisions to the 2012-13 calendar, the board has finally passed the final version.

Teachers will now begin school on Aug. 13 with students starting on the 14. There will be a fall break on Oct. 18-19 along with the typical Thanksgiving break of Nov.22-23.

Although, the corporation has not fully committed to a balanced calendar, many of the dates coincide with other area schools.

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