Greencastle golfers dominate WCC

Monday, May 14, 2012
The Greencastle golf team captured the West Central Conference title Saturday after shooting a 305. Alec Davis was honored as medalist for the tournament for his low-round of 73. The GHS squad is comprised of (left) Tanner Dean, Brad Haussin, Luke Brotherton, Raymond Stinson, Davis, manager Katie Hedge and head coach Steve Paquin.

CLAYTON -- Greencastle cruised to the WCC golf tournament championship on Saturday at Deer Creek Golf Club.

Each of the team's five golfers had the low score of his threesome and finished in the top 8 of the tournament.

The Tiger Cubs' Alec Davis posted the low round of 73 to win his third tournament of the season.

Greencastle scored a 305, topping Cascade (333), North Putnam (361), South Putnam (368), Monrovia (377) and Cloverdale (379).

"(We had) good, solid scoring by everybody," Greencastle coach Steve Paquin said. "We shot our averages or better for everybody."

Every Greencastle golfer earned All Conference honors. Davis, Brad Haussin (76) and Luke Brotherton (76) had the three lowest scores in the tournament. Tanner Dean (80, fifth) and Raymond Stinson (82, eighth) rounded out the team.

North Putnam's Jake Smith shot an 84, which qualified him for an All Conference spot.

Cougar coach Linda Patrick said that despite finishing last in the county tournament on Thursday, the team was confident they could compete.

"We know all these schools. We know what they can do. And we know what we can do," Patrick said. "I'm very happy with what we did today."

The other Cougars carded scores of 93 (Danny Smith), 97 (Mason Asher), 94 (Jon Willard), and 90 (Lance Clodfelter).

North Putnam finished seven strokes ahead of rival South Putnam after the Eagles had their low scorer, Alex Eickhoff, disqualified.

The tournament officials noticed that although the total on his official scorecard, 86, was correct, there was a discrepancy on the seventh hole.

As a result South Putnam carded both of the 96s by Sam Gould and Justin Berry.

"(The tournament officials) did what they had to do," South Putnam coach Brian McClure said. "It's one of those things that happens once and I'm sure it won't happen again. It didn't cost us the conference championship, and it didn't cost him an All Conference spot."

Derek Chestnut (87) and Alex Kelly (89) rounded out the scoring for South Putnam.

Cloverdale had a disappointing showing, finishing two strokes behind Monrovia for last place.

"I really thought we could compete with a lot of the schools here," Cloverdale coach Doug Wokoun said. "I felt like that Thursday night at county, we didn't play well, but we were showing some improvement, and we didn't follow up on that at all."

Cloverdale finished in third place at the county tournament, finishing behind Greencastle and South Putnam but ahead of North Putnam.

"Greencastle played a great round and they are to be congratulated," Wokoun said. "I feel bad for our guys because they worked hard and tried to play the game, and today it just didn't work out."

The Cloverdale golfers were Colte Tomlinson (98), Rylan Mattocks (109), Zach Hall (95), Aaron Whitlock (95) and Brady Pfaff (91).

Cascade had three All Conference golfers, (Hunter Drury, 78, Justin Franchville, 81, and Drew Gowan, 83) and Monrovia had one (Daniel Moore, 80).

Greencastle improved from last year's WCC, when they won with a score of 310.