Bridges out of poverty

Monday, August 13, 2012
Ann Newton (left), Linda Hunter (center) and Jackie Baumann, working on plans for bringing Bridges out of Poverty training to Putnam County. The two-day training seminar will offer information and strategies for helping families and individuals find their way out of poverty.

Professionals, business owners, bosses, educators, social workers and all caring citizens are all invited to attend a two day training called Bridges out of Poverty, which offers information and strategies for helping families and individuals who struggle with poverty and bridging the gap to find their way up and out of poverty.

Most anyone who works with schools or trying to keep a healthy work force has faced some of the challenges of working with and trying to help individuals or families that have trouble coping with life due to economic issues and hardships. You may not be aware that the rate of poverty in Greencastle has risen to over 15 percent since 2010 or that the poverty rate in Putnam County is higher than the rate for the state of Indiana as a whole.

Living on a minimum wage is very difficult. While too many of our families know exactly how that feels, many times the educators, social workers, bosses or others that they deal with every day do not know what that is like and therefore aren't always sympathetic or understanding when faced with the problems and issues let alone the mindset or perspective of someone who is dealing with the daily struggle to stay afloat or achieve self --sufficiency.

In an effort to help local professionals, employers and others be more effective in working with families, employees, students and others who are struggling economically, a local coalition made up of local organizations is working to bring two Purdue University Educators who are certified trainers in the Bridges out of Povertycurriculum to Putnam County.

Thanks to support from Gobin Church, Putnam County Extension Service, United Way and the English Trust Fund, this valuable two-day training is being made available at a cost of only $40 for the two day training or $30 for the first day only. The registration fee will cover the training program, training supplies and lunch each day of the training.

Unless one understands the difference in mind sets and perspectives, it is difficult to relate to or understand workers, students or others who are coming from a very different economic situation. The seminar will teach about the "hidden rules" of poverty and how people of different means and experiences approach and view things differently, including work attendance, school achievement or use of time and money.

Individuals who attend the training will have a better understanding of the daily struggles and learn ways to build better relationships with workers or clients who are caught in the cycle of poverty.

The two-day seminar will be held at the DePauw University, Prindle Ethics Institute from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on Oct. 3 and 4.

For more information about the training or to receive a registration form, call the Putnam County Office of the Purdue Extension Service at 653-8411 or check the Putnam County Extension website under "Hot Topics".

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