Previously annexed property to play the goat

Thursday, September 13, 2012

ROACHDALE -- It's been said that a small but devoted group of people can make big changes. In Roachdale, it may be that a small group of goats can inhibit change.

Roachdale Town Council member Zach Bowers acknowledged the impending dilemma caused by the farm animal.

"Goats are a hairy issue," he said. "And that's a hairy issue."

That, in this case, is a property outside the west side of town that was supposed to be annexed in 2006.

Enough paperwork was completed that the home could connect to the town utilities.

But it was recently discovered that the paperwork was never filed with the county.

This could be rectified at any time, simply by submitting the request now, but in the past few months the homeowners have purchased goats for their family, and farm animals are banned in the town.

"That may be bad for the goats," town attorney Dave Peebles said.

Bowers, who is passionate about the animal ban, took a strong stance."They have goats," Bowers said. "And I'm not going to vote to annex (the property) if they want to keep their goats."

The homeowners have been connected to town utilities since 2006, and Peebles said it might be the case the nothing would change if the town doesn't complete the paperwork.

He also offered a solution.

The council could draw up new papers, postdate them for a few years and give the goat owners ample time to find a new home for their animals.

The council elected to invite the property owners to their next meeting before a decision will be reached.

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