County officials approve a pair of hires Tuesday

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Putnam County Council gave final approval to a pair of new county hires on Tuesday, the moves having already been approved by the Putnam County Commissioners at their Monday meeting.

Prosecutor Tim Bookwalter appeared before both boards needing to fill his office's investigator position. Charlie Bollinger had served the county in the position, but he has taken the same position in Parke County, where Bollinger resides.

Bookwalter is filling the vacant position with David Meadows, who served the county as investigator under Prosecutor Robert Lowe.

The Sheriff's Department also received approval to fill a recently vacated part time jailer position. No hire has been made for the position, but the department has one applicant.

The council also gave approval for the Sheriff's Department to purchase vehicles from the Asset Forfeiture Fund. Two sheriff's cars were heavily damaged in a recent pursuit.

Approval was also given for the purchase of GIS editor software for the plat office at a cost of $2,301. The money is being drawn from another line item within the plat office budget, so no funds are required from the County General Fund.

Finally, council gave final approval for the allocation of $150,000 from the County Adjusted Gross Income Tax (CAGIT) to the county highway for road resurfacing.

The appropriation was given tentative approval several months ago, but had not been officially advertised until within the last month.

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