Library Board works toward preparing for the winter

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Putnam County Library Board met for its monthly meeting Wednesday evening in which it discussed several things that need repair or replacement within the coming weeks.

After having to pay for several repairs to the HVAC system over the past few years, the board decided that it was time to replace the two units.

The current units, which are 16 years old, have issues with the heat exchangers.

"The recommendation is to replace the unit(s) because the compressor could go next," said Library Director Alice Greenburg. "The heat exchanger in the upper level is cracked and must be replaced. Gas has been shut off. Exchanger in the lobby is also cracked, still working but how long is unknown. It should also be replaced."

The costs for the two new units will be $11,912 for both a 5 and 6-ton York system from AA Huber & Sons. That price includes the units, installation, crane service and start-up. They are direct replacements of the old units, therefore requireing no extra work to be done to the building.

The board is hoping that the new systems will be more energy efficient. The units should be installed within 30 days.

The issue of replacing a vend unit for the Reference copier as the current unit from 2006 is totally unusable was also addressed.

"It's basically died," said Greenburg. "We tried to get someone to come in and fix it, but it was recommended to just replace it."

After checking prices on purchasing a new unit altogether the $1,642 price tag led the board to agree to lease a new unit at the cost of $46 per month for four years.

The board also made several committee changes, which included discontinuing the Advertising Committee and adding both a Nominations Committee and a Children's Services Committee.

Greenburg also gave an update on several issues, including the parking lot which received new striping, to improve visibility during the winter. It will be in need of re-surfacing sometime next year.

Also, the board agreed upon Greenburg's recommendation to advertise for a full-time local history librarian and a part-time children's librarian. It also approved the hiring of a new bookmobile driver pending a background check and chauffeur's license.

The next Library Board meeting will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 19 at 6 p.m.

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