Cloverdale students effort pays off

Thursday, April 11, 2013
Among the students honored witht he P.E.D.A.L. award were Bradanne Toney (front row, left), Paige Gruener, Tomas Martin, Elizabeth Slicer (second row, left), Charlotte Muns, Kimberly Winders, Nikki Hunsicker, Angela Pieper, Mariah Huge, Sarah Neeley (third row, left), Kimberly Jarrett, Jackson Szczerbik, William Lovett, R.T. Mann, Dalton Atwood, Brantson Scott, Angela Trimble (fourth row,left), Erin Beatty, James Neier, Christine McCammack, Saphire Massey, Collin Beauchamp-Umphrey, Bailee Stevens and Laura Worthington. Not pictured are Tyler Carter, Rebekah Jordan, David Lane, Lindsay Robson, Bristina Skiles, Mitchell Stacy, Emily Stattner and Aleisha Tiedemann.

Cloverdale High School acknowledged 32 students for perfect attendance and zero discipline referrals for the third grading period.

Cloverdale High School promotes a character incentive program called P.E.D.A.L. The program stands for "Promoting Excellence through Discipline and Attendance enhancing Learning."

Those students who received this award had to meet criteria for the nine weeks of zero discipline referrals, zero absences and fewer than two tardies for the grading period.

Students are rewarded each quarter with incentives till the end of the school year.

Students received a P.E.D.A.L. certificate and an individual sport pass for their third quarter achievement.

Students will be challenged to gain four P.E.D.A.L.'s, resembling a clover by the end of the year.

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