School board moves to accept roof bids for Tzouanakis, GHS

Friday, April 12, 2013

In a week when the first real spring rains arrived, the Greencastle School Board accepted bids that should stop the leaks at two Greencastle schools.

Work will commence this summer on new roofs for Tzouanakis Intermediate School and Greencastle High School, according to contracts signed Wednesday evening.

A new roof will be installed at Tzouanakis -- the leakiest roof in the corporation -- at a cost of $798,000. Nu-Tec Roofing will perform the work.

Before acceptance of the bid, however, the roof was the subject of extended conversation with Moisture Management President Brennan Baker.

Moisture Management, which is overseeing the roofing project for the school, originally gave the corporation an estimate on the work that was much lower than the bids that first came in.

Baker explained that this was due to a number of factors, including a two-year-old estimate, more extensive damage to some parts of the roof than originally thought and increased shingle prices following Hurricane Sandy.

In order to bring the project within budget, cuts were made in several areas. The biggest of these is to not strip shingles from the roof on high-slope areas, instead installing the new shingles over the top of the old.

As Baker described this cost-cutting measure, Board President Mike Dean's brow furrowed.

"But they don't last as long if you go over existing shingles," Dean interjected.

Baker allowed that this was true, but added that the installation of 40-year shingles would still help the roof last for quite some time.

"I feel very confident that you'll get 30 years out of it," Baker said.

Although board members expressed their displeasure with such a plan, they ultimately approved the bid, with the understanding that it helped get the project within budget.

For Greencastle High School, the board accepted a bid of $607,600 submitted by R Adams Roofing.

Although the GHS project was also believed to be over budget last month, Baker said this was not the case.

Most of the discussion regarding the high school roof was regarding a 20-year performance obligation warranty.

At a cost of $103,200, the warranty would require the contractor to inspect the roof structure once each year and repair any problem that might arise. Even at a total of $710,800, the project would remain within budget.

The board debated the merits of such an addendum, ultimately deciding to table consideration of the warranty.

School maintenance director Dan Green told the board he believe the warranty to be a good idea.

"I think it's worth the money if it's there," Green said.

Board members asked Baker to explore options regarding the warranty, such as paying it year-by-year, rather than in a lump sum. Baker said this might be possible, but he doubted the price could be locked in for more than five years at a time.

While they accepted the overall roofing contract, the board has until July to decide on the warranty.

In other business:

* The board approved a number of temporary summer positions, although employees for the positions will not be hired until May. Approved positions included a summer technology assistant, two student bookstore helpers and six bus cleaners.

* Superintendent Dawn Puckett recommended the re-funding of the pension bond, which will save the school about $20,000 annually, or almost $250,000 for the remaining life of the bond.

The move was approved unanimously.

* The board approved seven new hires.

Karen Swalley was hired as a temporary science teacher at Greencastle High School from April 1 through the end of the year.

Returning to a position she previously held, Sue Kass was approved as extracurricular activities treasurer and bookstore manager at the high school, effective March 20.

Lindsey Fenwick and Nancy Brock were hired as full-time short route bus drivers.

Chelsea Trammel was hired as a substitute custodian.

In athletics, Kass was also approved as a volunteer assistant girls' tennis coach, and Brad Haussin was approved as a volunteer assistant boys' tennis coach.

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