County denies variance for ATV track

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

After a meeting with the city, several months of meetings with the county and lots of wrangling over noise, traffic and safety, the residents of northern Greencastle Township finally have an answer.

The Putnam County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) will not allow a use variance for an off-road dirt bike and four-wheeler track north of the city.

The answer came at the end of several months of hearings before the BZA, including a May meeting that lasted nearly three hours.

The May and June meetings involved testimony from both those for and against the variance for the area zoned as Agriculture 1, which has been used for such a racecourse for more than five years now, with no endorsement from the county.

The petitioner was Jeff Cantonwine, owner of the property at 474 W. CR 50 North. Speaking out against the variance was Mark Smith, another property owner in the area.

The BZA heard arguments on a number of subjects, including noise, litter, traffic, safety and economic impact, but the ruling had to be based on the following five findings of fact, as mandated in the Putnam County Zoning Ordinance:

1. The approval will not be injurious to the public health, safety and general welfare of the community.

2. The use and value of the area adjacent to the property included in the variance will not be affected in a substantially adverse manner.

3. The need for the variance arises from some condition peculiar to the property involved.

4. The strict application of the terms of the Zoning Ordinance would constitute an unnecessary hardship if applied to the property for which the variance is sought.

5. The approval does not interfere substantially with the County Comprehensive Plan.

Although points were made on both sides of each of these five issues, the 5-0 vote to deny the variance seemed to come down to the first finding of fact for most of the BZA members.

With an eye to "the public health, safety and general welfare" of Putnam County, all five members balked at the idea of violating Indiana law and possibly leaving the county open to substantial lawsuits.

This was one of the main points made to the members in a letter from County Attorney Jim Ensley, who was out of town Monday for a birth in the family.

Ensley advised that the races, which cross county roads as well as go through waterways and even under roads through culverts, violated Indiana Code in four ways.

First, by crossing roads, the races would involve drivers under 16 years of age operating ATVs on county roads. Secondly, the vehicles are operated at excessive speeds, which is also in violation of code.

Additionally, the courses often involve driving through a creek in the direction of the current. Driving in streams is only allowed in order to directly cross them.

Finally, the races involve the use of the public property without state consent.

Ensley further advised that the county's risk management firm Bliss McKnight did not recommend the approval, although they would not go so far as to say the county's coverage would be dropped.

Ensley also contacted the liability insurance company used by the two racing series, and the company had not answered his question on whether the coverage would apply in a case that state law is being broken.

Most telling in Monday's decision were the votes to deny from board members Raymond McCloud and Kevin Scobee, both of whom voted to allow the variance in May, when the motion failed in a 2-2 tie.

McCloud said he had problems with unlicensed drivers on the road, saying breaking the law could open the county to a major lawsuit and cost a lot of money.

"We have to meet all five (findings of fact) and that's the major one," McCloud said. "I can't vote to put the county in a lawsuit."

Scobee said it simply came down to the insurance in his mind.

"I would grant him (Cantonwine) a variance if it wasn't for the insurance," Scobee said.

Ron Sutherlin, who appeared he would be the swing vote after missing the June meeting, was also swayed by the insurance questions.

"My biggest concern is dealing with the insurance -- the risk that the county is put in because of the road and the creek," Sutherlin said.

Randy Bee and Lora Scott, who chairs the board, objected on more than one count, although only one is required.

Bee was worried about the health, safety and welfare aspect, but said he also believes the ground could be put to another agricultural use and that the approval would interfere with the Comprehensive Plan.

Bee pointed out that Cantonwine had formerly used the land for hog lots until the operation was shut down by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. He could have, Bee said, chosen to build a hog confinement operation.

"That's his choice in not electing to invest in that kind of operation," Bee said.

He went on to say that the land could be used for other types of livestock or to grow hay -- something Cantonwine is actually doing on the land.

Going back to work he had taken part in to create county zoning some years ago, Bee said the committee had believed that "God wasn't going to make any more tillable ground," therefore they wanted to create the A1 district and "stick firm to it."

In making this decision, he believed the BZA was standing firm.

Saying the decision had been weighing heavily on her, Scott denied the variance on all five findings of fact.

In addition to the objections of her colleagues, she said the variance was likely to impact property values and that nothing "peculiar" existed to keep it from being an A1 piece of property.

But even in Scott's objection, the strongest argument again came in the first finding of fact, saying it could create a county liability and a high financial risk.

"In fact, it could bankrupt the county," Scott said.

With the arguments of the five members made, the vote seemed a foregone conclusion. Bee made the motion to deny, which was seconded by Scobee.

In a role call vote, each member cast an "aye" vote to deny.

The BZA denial comes following mixed results before three other boards in the last year.

In February, the City of Greencastle BZA voted 3-1 to allow the variance. The City also has jurisdiction in the area because it lies within its two-mile fringe.

In November, the Putnam County Commissioners voted 2-0 against allowing racetracks as special exceptions in A1 districts. This followed the County Plan Commissions vote to allow such exceptions.

The argument may still not be at an end, however, as Scott pointed out at Monday's meeting that regardless of the outcome, the decision could be appealed in a court of law.

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  • Just many unlicensed drivers do you see on our major roads and backroads with no drivers licenses?

    -- Posted by putcocvb on Wed, Jul 10, 2013, at 8:30 AM
  • Thanks to the responsible voters. I truly believe if you have a ATV there are places to ride far from the city. I live in Greencastle(or any other city) with the expectation of peace and quite and the ATV racing as well as practice times upset the tranquility of many city dwellers. If Mr. Cantonwine wants a ATV track there is one for sale just north of US 36 on SR 63 that is already zoned and ready.

    -- Posted by Trying hard on Wed, Jul 10, 2013, at 8:32 AM
  • Thank goodness...... and thank you!

    -- Posted by foxtrotter on Wed, Jul 10, 2013, at 9:17 AM
  • It saddens me that there is so many uneducated people and opinions regarding cross country ATV/MX racing. From comments I see it appears that residents assume that if a race "track" is approved that it will be something that is in use every weekend. This couldn't be further from the truth. One to two events a year is all that would have been held with no activity other than those 1-2 weekends. The argument that there may be children operating on county roads is another misuse of wording. The fact Cantonwine property is divided by a county road would require crossing of the road to access the entire property. That is a 90 degree crossing that would be at a predetermined location with safety and track officials for public safety concerns. Kind of funny how children are allowed to operate heavy farm equipment in the county with no previsions of the law but aren't allowed to race in a controlled environment. Another point is insurance and county liability. Insurance is carried by Racing series which is written and taylored to these types of events. These events are held all over the country and are very family oriented events. Nothing better than seeing a young child race his dirtbike or atv in the morning while mom and dad pit for him or her then watching mom or dad race later that day. This sport is filled with good people that strongly believe in family values and respect landowners and the properties they allow them to race on. This is why series choose to only race on a property once or twice a year. This minimizes any damages to the property and or distruption of the neighbors. All properties are fully tillable and plantable after racing, promoters and land owners work together to make sure property is maintainable after to ensure the longterm use of the property for other uses as in farming and animal stock. I know for a fact that when an event is held that the county and city receive a large bump in the local economy from racers and spectators. They spend money on fuel, at restaurants, hotels and lots of other local attractions.

    The denial of this has prompted one thing from me, I'll never spend another dollar or do business in greencastle again and encourage the rest of the racing and riding community to do the same. We are thankful that there is so many other communities that value the boost to the local economy and the chance to enjoy a weekend of family fun in their community. Good luck with your town political guidance, many empty towns out there that have turned their back on growth.

    -- Posted by jeffr0wland on Wed, Jul 10, 2013, at 1:04 PM
  • From the prospective of a Real Estate professional involved in over 10,000 property valuations:

    The neighbors moved to the country to experience "country" living, which to many includes off road activities. An event like this would have "ZERO impact on property values" if it is something that only happens two weekends a year.

    This impact to neighboring properties is no greater than another neighbor using his farm equipment, target shooting or hunting on his property.

    Sounds like this dentist, Mr. Smith would be more comfortable in some gated community in Carmel. These events should have no effect on his values or ability to enjoy his property.

    From the prospective of a landowner that also holds similar races:

    This is not an "ATV park" we are talking about. It's simply privately owned land that a willing property owner allows an organized race to happen 1-2 times per year. The promoter holds a large insurance liability policy and organizes such an event to happen over 1-2 days. The organizers are family oriented and promote good sportsmanship. They take pride in the locations and do a great job of making sure the site is cleaned up after an event.

    Many locals in your community enjoy and support these venues.

    Personally, I enjoy sharing our property with these attendees and find them to be respectful. The most rewarding part is seeing the small children enjoying themselves, learning sportsmanship, respect for the woods and simply having a hoot being a part of the event. So many attendees and parents come up to me and thank us for hosting these events. It makes for a positive experience that reflects on the community too.

    Greencastle should embrace this event. It represents the country living that most of Putnam County's core residents seek. These people that attend the event contribute to the gas station, Kroger's, Napa, Wal-Mart, Hardware store, restaurants and more. What kind of message is Greencastle trying to send to the 2000 people that have supported the community over the past several years? I personally don't think Greencastle is somewhere I would want to live. We are about way between Greencastle and Brazil. It's much more likely that I will get my groceries and generally support Brazil businesses before Greencastle.

    I have raced and my kids have worked at the Cantwines property multiple times. I see this as a positive impact on the community and don't understand why the BZA should have a problem with an insured event that has no negative effects on the community or neighboring property owners. Seems to be a case of an uptight dentist whom wants big brother to tell other neighbors what they can and can't do. What's next, he will be calling the police the next time a farmer has to cross the road on his tractor?

    We are having an event in Parke County 8-11 The neighbors and county supports us in many ways and our attendees will support the businesses in Rockville and Brazil, we have removed our directions thru Greencastle, so we don't disturb your residents...

    -- Posted by wynkoop1 on Wed, Jul 10, 2013, at 3:56 PM
  • Has anyone considered using ground close to Putnamville Race track? Putnamville is used to the noise by now.

    -- Posted by donantonioelsabio on Wed, Jul 10, 2013, at 4:56 PM
  • to bad for that city my town would love it

    -- Posted by ohtobe on Wed, Jul 10, 2013, at 6:44 PM
  • Ignore IDEM and EPA and run your vehicles through the streams above our city water well field. If one wrecks and gas and oil enter the watershed, who cares, right?

    -- Posted by VolunteerFF on Wed, Jul 10, 2013, at 7:50 PM
  • I can't believe the people of opposition can't put up with the noise for one day per year. This just absolutely sickens me. ALL OF THE CRAP that this guy brought up was irrelevant and moot until he decided it was too loud one day. We need to have places to ride and race, otherwise kids will be riding on streets, trespassing on private property, or finding ways to expel aggression in some other manner. People like Mark need to go live in the city where they can stick their noses up in the air, and reside close to their place of business. They can partake in tea time with their yuppy friends, hold their pinky finger out as they sip from a small cup, and say things like, "yes, quite an amusing humour" and "balderdash pooky" Get a life, and let good people ride so they can forget about their work week in the mill, their marital problems, and how they're going to make the next house payment. Let good people ride so they aren't overcrowding the bars then driving home. Let us ride so we can pump money into the local economy as thousands of racers and fans get fuel, and eat food, and shop for convenient essentials. Another sad loss for our sport. Another unjust win for an ******* doctor.

    -- Posted by BangdupRacing on Wed, Jul 10, 2013, at 8:45 PM
  • IDEM!!!!! EPA!!!.... It's a atv crossing a creek! They don't have steel gas tanks anymore. The oil that leaks from your truck is more of a watershed hazard! C'mon volunteer FireFighter, find a better excuse!

    -- Posted by KevinBlundell on Wed, Jul 10, 2013, at 8:46 PM
  • Kevin, when they wreck and are upside down, steel and plastic tanks both leak. Also, they are not just crossing the creek, they are driving up and down the creek stirring up silt and mud that goes downstream off the property. Stay in the field and off the roads and waterways, and it probably would have a better chance of passing. Jeff doesn't own the roads or creek.

    -- Posted by VolunteerFF on Wed, Jul 10, 2013, at 9:10 PM
  • Yea... got to watch stirring up the creek..ohhh well, there was no good places to eat in Greencastle anyway, they're all closed!

    -- Posted by KevinBlundell on Wed, Jul 10, 2013, at 9:25 PM
  • I hope the commissioners that made this decision use the same standards for all zoning questions that come forward for Putnam County. With the standards used to make this decision. It will be hard for the any event in Putnam County to be approved with these standards. As these standards are now the standards that must be used for all decisions. I may attend a few meetings to make sure they use those same standards. Because you can find something in most instances that would go against any of these five reasons. The biggest one is the commissioners stating "the public health, safety and general welfare" and "unlicensed drivers on the road". Is the Public Health, Safety and General Welfare really effect by an event on private property? You county most likely hold other events that effect the Public Health, Safety and General Welfare during the year.

    The comment on unlicensed drivers on the road is laughable. How many so called DUI scooters do you have driving on your county roads? How many of them are unlicensed? Is there a code for that in your county? I come from a farming family so this one hits home. Do you also know that these scooters that these individual ride do not have to carry insurance?

    I totally support the family community. However, how about teenage kids helping on the family farm? If they are under the age of 16 they are unlicensed? Is there a code for that in your county?

    What about the golf carts driving around Heritage and Glen Flint Lakes along with the rural and small towns of Putnam County? Is there a code for that in your county? You are not required by law to have a license to drive on the road. Nor do you even have to have a license to ride a bicycle on the road. So in my opinion the unlicensed driver is an excuse not a reason to vote this down.

    This ruling completely confuses me. According to the Indiana State Department of Natural Resources Putnam County allows riding of ATV's on their county road.

    Also, Indiana State law allows Off Road Vehicles to cross roads at a ninety degree angle. The Indiana State Law allows anyone the age of 14 or older to operate an ATV on the road. I am sure the board knew and understood all these Indiana State laws. The county may have a different code. Since the county website does not have a link to their codes I am not able to investigate this. It actually looks like the county website is outdated. That is why I am mentioning the state law. By the state law I am able to ride my off road vehicle on that road with no consequences from the authority as long as I am legal and obey the law.

    What I am concerned about is there are more functions at the County Fairgrounds, the Park, Downtown Greencastle and DePauw University than these 4 days. Those events would also upset the tranquility of many city dwellers. Will these functions be the next target of Mr. Smith and few others? People talk that youth do not have stuff to keep them out of trouble. Yet, where there is a function for youth to get involved in. A small group of individuals shut them down. The fact is the city approved this event and the county said no.

    This decision is a slap in the face of some local businesses and racers. There are three series sponsors that reside in Putnam County. Wonder what their thoughts are? There are racers that live in Putnam County. Wonder what their thoughts are? I am sure they are disappointed and will remember this. I am sure if any of them have Mr. Smith as a dentist that they will now precede to a different dentist.

    So in the end will I still visit and spend money in Putnam County? Most likely, however, I will consider the adjoining counties before considering Putnam County. I hope this county will work on the larger issues at hand instead of some of these smaller issues.

    -- Posted by curious67 on Wed, Jul 10, 2013, at 9:46 PM
  • I am really surprised with this out come . Your neighboring county has had the GNCC iron man in Montgomery county for years with great success and large financial gain. After many years this property is now going to be a National motocross track with super stars of supercross and outdoor moto racers . covered by speed tv ,fuse tv, and local news channals .There are a few other channals that televise this sport also. Was there any research done in respect to the pros and cons of holding such an event? Was there any thought about having a waver made for participants to sign do to insurance concerns to cover the town and county? "In my Personal Opinion" this was a kick in the face to being free American . This truly shows that we are not free to do what we want on our own property that we spent our " texted "hard earned money on!!!!!

    -- Posted by Frankyg1230 on Wed, Jul 10, 2013, at 9:55 PM
  • This is nothing more than a complete cop out for the board!!! I am a very close neighbor to this event and have been to every meeting I could make and supported in every way! Unlike Mark Smith who DOES NOT live in our neighborhood, I do and directly across the street from the race. It is not an issue at all, this isn't Mark Smith's first issue in Putnam County either, he pushed every issue imaginable and more in the neighborhood he actually resides in as well. In other words if its not what he wants he cries, threatens, sues, etc.... the guy doesn't even live in our neighborhood, bottom line!!!! what a jerk!! Really, 3wknds a year for all this?? not to mention NO ONE that actually lives in our neighborhood brought this on and the real #'s are 40 in favor versus 4 opposing. The dentist??? could care less about the 5 stipulations of this being granted!!!! however was his last straw to stop it, prior to this he didn't know the 5 stipulations! It's a shame and another kick in the face to positive economic growth, family, etc handed down by people who obviously need to be replaced in our community regarding decisions that affect our community! We need people with a backbone and economic sense to grow our community and help get it out of the headlines as one of the top 10 in unemployment etc in the state.... What a huge disappointment to OUR community and it's potential growth and all caused by ONE SPOILED dentist who heaven forbid hears a noise while in the country at his pond he thinks is lake of the OZARKS..... while those of us who live there 365 days a year do not mind! Shame on those whom copped out on the insurance issue and remember come voting time, PLEASE!!!!!! REALLY??????

    -- Posted by jspackman on Wed, Jul 10, 2013, at 10:37 PM
  • We find this absolutely absurd to turn away money coming into your community. We are a dealership located in east central Illinois and We'd love to be able to have an event like this come to our community because it not only boosts our business now being this race is in Indiana but it would boost all the businesses surrounding it. Look at the Ironman race in Crawfordsville Indiana and how much business it brings to the area and the dealership located in front of it! If the problem lies in crossing county roads then why not shut down the roads we will be crossing for two days? If not then make the series get a specified insurance in case something happens to cover the liability instead of the county holding the liability. As far as the EPA violations with running up streams I'm sure that the local Truck and Tractor pull that happens nearly visibly from the Cantonwines property every year puts out worse emissions than we do and Mr. Volunteer Firefighter I'm sure you are probably there watching or Volunteering to help with that so why not come Volunteer for something that on average 1500 to 2000 people come to enjoy in your county?! I sincerely hope the Putnam county board will reconsider their decision because I have personally raced at the Cantonwine's property and could not ask for a better family or place to race.

    -- Posted by LithgowMotorsports on Wed, Jul 10, 2013, at 10:53 PM
  • One more comment, since Mark Smith chose to shut down a another mans business, who is a local farmer, entrepreneur, tax payer and most of all a life long resident and family farmers in Putnam County so he can sit by his dirt pool without any noises other than what he wants to hear, I'll guarantee I wont ever support his business and would say anyone that supports the values of good family country living, outdoors,and nature that we choose to live in for family values and memories choose to not do business nor support him or his business!! Who you going to cry/blame threaten to sue, etc when the cicadas come out near your dirt pool everyday for the entire summer?? Heaven forbid that....It's no wander our county and city is not growing when you have these kind of decisions. Just look at the economic growth we just lost in our county from hotels, motels, restaurant's , gas stations, grocery stores, county, state and possibly national recognition from these races, hell might as well stay in the top ten of something.......unemployment, welfare,,,,,,,,

    -- Posted by jspackman on Wed, Jul 10, 2013, at 11:03 PM
  • WoW! These Comments are quite interesting to read and take in. After reading Jared's reporting along with the comments from Mr. Ensley's report. The discussion that the Five from BZA gave for the reasoning of their vote, had me thinking that this made since. The above responses on this page, makes more logical sence to me now. I had originally thought when hearing about all of this that it's only a couple of day's, twice a year, whats the problem with that. After reading these comments I see that there is nothing wrong. All those issues to me is easily acknowledged and I bet is Already in Place with the sanctioning organization. Do you not think that these issues hasn't already been addressed in this state, The Racing Capital! Lately my wife of 40 years, in just a few days and 1973 GHS Graduate's then having 4 children attending the same schools here along with one attending DePauw & receiving her degree. We now have 12 Grandchildren in the area. After our latest event with our home and businesses, we are now working on our final chapter of our lives, we have been holding on making decisions about our future, a lot depends on how the insurance come through for us along with the rules of rebuilding? As a local business person in this community since the fall of 1976 and hearing these comments and so much other comments has us rethinking what to do next. There has been so much support from our neighbors. Churches along with past customers, friends and individuals that has helped in numerous ways. There has been some dissapointments along the way. Over the years we have had decisions to make that hasn't been easy but we made them and for the most part we have always felt good about them. This event has been the most difficult to deal with in our life. This time we need to get it right! This community is sometime more than challenging for business. Lately I have been listening and trying not to talk as much, now I know that is Hard to Believe, but it's true. For myself I see this community different than what I felt it was. As Jack say's, You can't Handle the Truth and as the saying goes the Truth Hurts.

    Now back to this ATV thing, do you think that All in the town of Speedway Indiana likes the increase in the number of racing days there per year now. Do you think that the Coke lot doesn't have at least one car dripping oil, gas on the ground? Come on people wake up you are going to loose this community if you keep letting others make your decisions. Looks to me there should have been more discussion from the supporters, but maybe there was. I am sure this will go over well with some but I am not going to be PC at this point, think there has been to much of that lately.

    I am going to sign my name to this Lester Wilson President of Wilson's Photography & Buzz Bomb Graphics a former member of the Greater Greencastle Chamber of Commerce.

    -- Posted by wilsonphoto on Thu, Jul 11, 2013, at 8:14 AM
  • The truck and tractor pull do not take place IN the creek. I do not oppose the racing, I just think they need to do it without using waterways and roads. Why make it hard for the county to approve it? Bring them a plan they can approve, not one they cannot.

    -- Posted by VolunteerFF on Thu, Jul 11, 2013, at 9:20 AM
  • Surely the Chamber of commerce realizes how much money it costs to market their town for commerce? It costs the town and county many $1000's to market themselves to draw tourism and business. The town and county are turning away something of great value.

    I hope you all will come next door to Parke county and support a community that hosts 4+ venues for this sport.

    -- Posted by wynkoop1 on Thu, Jul 11, 2013, at 10:55 AM
  • Off road racing events like these have been occurring on private lands in Indiana since at least the 1960's yet most people are unaware of them. Some of the surrounding states allow the use of national forest and state land to hold events. Indiana does not. There are probably 40-50 events per year scattered around the state. Some have been occurring annually for over 50 years and receive the support of the town, residents, businesses, local police and multiple landowners who allow use of their property. 1 event in Southern Indiana has been staged and run out of a city park for many years. The Upland Enduro held in October each year starts in Lions club park, covers nearly 75 ground miles and crosses approx. 150 different Landowner's property. There really is a lot of good that can come from this type of event. At Crawfordsville the Lions club and the Darlington conservation club both benefit financially from this. Past events at other locations in Putnam County provided income for the Madison Township Volunteer Fire Dept, the Greencastle High School Post Prom Committee and the Cloverdale High School Wrestling team. The majority of the people participating are kids and young adults but it's not uncommon to see a youth racer, dad(or mom) and grandfather racing and enjoying the day. The rest of the family is often present and involved. The key to making this work is limit the location to once or twice a year to prevent undue burden on the neighbors . Make it conform to the state laws mentioned and modify the course to eliminate County liability concerns. Cantonwine has enough space that there is no reason traffic should ever be backed up on the county road. Make it public knowledge of when the event will occur to avoid upsetting a neighbor who unknowingly scheduled a wedding reception, party or other outdoor activity for the same weekend. Racers...make a sincere effort at quieting your machines. The fancy new exhaust you purchased may be music to your ears but annoying to others. Sound testing is required at 1 southern Indiana location. If your machine exceeds limits you don't race..period. Schedule the race to occur when the leaves and crops are fully developed. Mother nature is an excellent muffler. I love Putnam County. I have a distant neighbor who hosts an annual trap shoot, another who has an outdoor music / camp festival. I don't participate in either. I miss the Gyrocopters show at the Airport even if they were noisy, and I don't attend the fair truck pull but enjoy listening to the engines strain in the night air from a few miles away. These are the sounds of freedom. They add flavor to our county and our lives. The commissioners have a responsibility to uphold laws and guard against risk. Address the issues, involve the community, quiet the machines and maybe this can be reinstated.

    -- Posted by local-yokel on Thu, Jul 11, 2013, at 11:27 AM
  • Those who do not want a ATV race are not stupid because they disagree with the supporters of Mr. Cantonwine. We simply do not want the race. One comment was that the racers take steps to quite their engines and I will assure you that will not happen. Mr. Smith has every right to disagree { if indeed he disagrees}. As far as dropping out of the Chamber of Commerce I would say the remaining people of Greencastle should remember you and your business . as to riding on County Roads your "riding within the law" requires you to register and have displayed your registration numbers. I support the voting council and the Mayor and offer a thank you for not being bullied.

    -- Posted by Trying hard on Thu, Jul 11, 2013, at 5:24 PM
  • We have raised money for the local school sports teams during this event, we have raised money in the name of the boosters. The residents who believe in this sport are believers because of our gratitude, and thankfulness for another place to race. I've never seen an ATV "flipped over" in the creek, and I've never seen a road crossed where a single car had to stop. This series will continue to pump money into the economy of the towns who want us. Period.

    -- Posted by BangdupRacing on Thu, Jul 11, 2013, at 6:44 PM
  • Wow. Unreal. Every excuse was complete bs! I guess there is nothing better to do in greencastle then to shut down good CLEAN fun. And people wonder why there is alcohol and drug problems. It's because of people like this that have nothing better to do. Get off your high horses. It's 2 weekends a year. Sounds like the dentist had a few guys in his pocket.

    -- Posted by fbimotosports on Thu, Jul 11, 2013, at 8:45 PM
  • Everyone seems to be blaming the City of Greencastle, when in fact the city BZA approved the race. This was the COUNTY that denied the application. Apparently the people on the city BZA have some sense and realize that this race would be a good thing for the area. However, I'm not surprised that the county didn't approve this. Mr Cantonwine must not be a member in good standing of the county commissioners good ole boys club.

    -- Posted by hometownboy on Fri, Jul 12, 2013, at 7:47 AM
  • Seems pretty shortsighted not to allow a couple of races a year when it would significantly boost the local economy. The selfishness here is quite unbelievable. If it were me, I'd invite a dozen or so riders over EVERY weekend and hill climb that north slope and I wouldn't charge them a dime! It also appears the good dr raised enough of a stink to have the council looking for any reason to turn this down. There are ways to make this work and the community would be the better for it overall, economically speaking.

    -- Posted by Thomas Paine on Fri, Jul 12, 2013, at 9:40 AM
  • Good for you Mark. You did the right thing. I wouldn't want one of these race courses next to me either.

    -- Posted by rimmer1 on Sat, Jul 13, 2013, at 5:15 PM
  • I'm torn on this one...

    I hate noise. Can't stand it. However, if you want to use the noise defense, you need to also do something about the annoyingly loud Harleys, diesel pickups, old crusty cars with no mufflers, and (PLEASE!) the hoopties driving around town with giant amps and speaker-boxes that wake you up at 3am.

    2 races a year... that's a non-issue.

    The stream-crossing is actually the only issue that I would want more information about. Kids crossing a county road during an event (with support personnel blocking roads) is an incredibly silly reason to not allow the races, considering we're in an agricultural area. What about farms that straddle roads? Do kids stop driving the tractor or whatever and wait to be ferried to the other side?

    There are a lot of issues in Putnam County that need to be dealt with before worrying about a couple of ATV races per year. Namely the aforementioned noise ordinance problems. Having a downtown that looks like it ALL caught on fire is a bit of a problem, too.

    -- Posted by PlatyPius on Thu, Jul 18, 2013, at 2:15 PM
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